Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) in Hyderabad

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Social Media Marketing Course

SMM course covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & linkedIn. We train you on how to use social media platforms for marketing your business online.

Live Campaign Practise

We make you launch a real-time live campaign on facebook so you get work experience to get a job easily on Social Media Marketing.

Placement Assistance

100% placement assistance, we refer you to the companies looking for social media marketers and help you clear the interview with ease.

1 Introduction to Social Media & Facebook

1.Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Marketing.
3.Introduction to Facebook.
4.Facebook account setup.
5.Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements.
6.Creating a post.
7.Facebook Page for businesses.
8.Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook.
9.Profile Pic and Cover photo dimensions for pages.
10.Types of Posts and Statistics.
11.Hashtags and its advantages.
12.Facebook Page Designing.
13.Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes.
14.Page management options.
15.Facebook Events creation.
16.Facebook Insights.
17.Facebook Groups.

2 Facebook Advertising

1.Introduction to Facebook Advertisements.
2.Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements.
3.Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement.
4.Targeting the Audience.
5.Advanced Audience Targeting.
6.Ad Formats.
7.Conversion Tracking.
8.Integrating Facebook Pixel with your website
9.Retargeting on facebook.

3 LinkedIn Marketing

1.Introduction to Linkedin.
2.Linkedin for SEO.
3.Benefits of LinkedIn Network.
4.LinkedIn Profile Creation.
5.Optimizing the profile.
6.Skills and Endorsements.
7.Recommendations on LinkedIn.
8.Adding new connections.
9.LinkedIn Posts.
10.LinkedIn Groups.
11.Finding Jobs on LinkedIn.
12.Creating a business page on LinkedIn.
13.Linkedin business page customization.
14.LinkedIn Page Posts.

4 Twitter Marketing

1.Introduction to Twitter.
2.Twitter for Brand building.
3.Creating a Twitter profile.
4.Fan Engagement on Twitter.
5.Twitter HashTags.
6.Choosing Hashtags for your business?
7.Engaging users on Twitter.
8.Integrating Twitter with other social media networking sites.

5 Instagram

1.What is Instagram Marketing
2.Why should you use Instagram for your business
3.How to increase followers on Instagram
4.Tips to get good Engagement on Instagram
5.Best Instagram Marketing Tactics
6.Instagram Hashtags
7.Instagram Stories & their importance
8.60seconders on Instagram – Instagram Video Ads.
9.Instagram paid advertising

New Batches

Course Fee6000 Rs
Duration2 Weeks
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Training ModesClassRoom / Online
Next Batch16th Dec 2019


Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Social Media Marketing Course in hyderabad:

Our Social Media Marketing Course in hyderabad is designed for people who would like to learn just social media marketing.

Social Media platforms are widely used these days by more than 50%  of every countries population.

So companies have a chance to market their potential customers through these social media platforms.

Which social media platforms we should focus on?


Facebook marketing is one of the top most used social media platform. Here we can promote our business through billions of people.

The Facebook platform provides paid and free promotion to our business.

Facebook Advertising comes under paid one, here we assist to live campaigns on service based or product based.

Facebook page maintenance is also an important factor to make aware of the business and to get free sales or promotions.

We will assist you in maintaining the Facebook page.


Twitter marketing is one of the best platforms to keep engagement on a particular topic.

Most of them use for expressing their view on incidents which occurred during that period.

Twitter Marketing can be used for business promotion through maintaining post engagement.

We will assist you in maintaining a Twitter profile and maintaining engagement.


LinkedIn Marketing is also one of the primary factors for business promotion.

We will assist you in maintaining a Linkedin profile and promoting your business through LinkedIn.


Instagram marketing helps to promote our business through free as well as paid campaigns.

Here reach for free and paid campaigns can be easily identified based on sales or leads generated.

In this Instagram marketing, we will assist you in promoting your business through live campaigns.

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Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad Description

Social media marketing course  is designed for people who want to expand their business in social media marketing.

This social media course will be helpful for students who want to fulfill their dream job in social media marketing.

Social profile maintenance is the main objective of business growth in online marketing.

We cover social profiles like Facebook, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and their key role in business growth.

Social media marketing training in Hyderabad cover from basics like creating a social profile & running course Ads for a particular business.

We will give a detailed overview of generating reports like a reach, leads, cost per click, Impressions,etc., and we also give assistance in budget planning for running campaigns.

Social media marketing course is designed for two weeks.

We will provide live demonstration on creating profiles and creating paid Advertising.

We will also help in promoting business through paid campaigns.

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Why Social Media Marketing Course

When comes to traditional marketing the reach for any business will be within the local area but in digital marketing or Social media, we can boost our business throughout the world.

For online presence, We can create a website, maintain social profiles, building our profiles in a business listing, Advertising, etc. In brand awareness, social media plays a major role in creating a brand and getting promotions for business.

This social media marketing training in hyderabad is designed for creating brand awareness or social media presence in different platforms for promoting sales or services for any business.

We will assist you in creating profiles & maintaining them in a professional manner. For more reach, we will assist you in creating paid campaigns and generating reach or leads from campaigns on daily basis

We also help you in targeting specific category like Gender, Age, Location-based targeting, etc., and targeting particular business keywords to get more reach based on our promotion.

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Who should Attend Social Media Marketing Course?

  1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants.
  2. Bloggers Aspirants.
  3. Small Business Owners.
  4. Web Developers.
  5. College students
  6. Job Aspirants
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Social Media Analyst

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Social Media Marketing Course Highlights

  1. Crash course for quick learners.
  2. Get a fresh perspective on marketing techniques.
  3. Exposure to the industry used tools.
  4. Understanding SMM.
  5. Learn to use social media for business.
  6. Mainintance of Social Media platforms.
  7. Creating Paid Campaigns.
  8. Generating info like cost per impression, Leads, etc.
  9. Estimating the cost for each lead.
  10. Free course material documents for future reference.


Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad
Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) in Hyderabad 1

Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) in Hyderabad at Digital Brolly covers Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Enroll for SMM training in Ameerpet today

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