Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) in Hyderabad

Class Room Online 1 Month  20,000 Rs Rs. 12000/-

Social Media Marketing Course

The SMM course covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. We train you on how to use social media platforms for marketing your business online.

Live Campaign Practise

We make you launch a real-time live campaign on Facebook so you get work experience to get a job easily on Social Media Marketing.

Placement Assistance

100% placement assistance is assured with Digital Brolly. We refer you to the best companies in Hyderabad.

1.Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Marketing.
3.Introduction to Facebook.
4.Facebook account setup.
5.Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements.
6.Creating a post.
7.Facebook Page for businesses.
8.Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook.
9.Profile Pic and Cover photo dimensions for pages.
10.Types of Posts and Statistics.
11.Hashtags and its advantages.
12.Facebook Page Designing.
13.Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes.
14.Page management options.
15.Facebook Events creation.
16.Facebook Insights.
17.Facebook Groups.
18.Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. (STP)
19.Real World Case Study Example.
20.Increasing Facebook followers organically
21.Facebook Groups & Types of Groups.
22.Importance and Advantages of running a community on Facebook.


1.Introduction to Facebook Advertisements.
2.Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements.
3.Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement.
4.Targeting the Audience.
5.Advanced Audience Targeting.
6.Ad Formats.
7.Conversion Tracking.
8.Integrating Facebook Pixel with your website
9.Retargeting on facebook.
10.Understanding facebook’s ads account structure.
11.Creating Landing Pages/Funnels for Ads.
12.Important tips and tricks to create successful landing pages/funnels.
13.Understanding Campaign Structure and their objectives.
14.Running Different types of campaigns on Facebook
15.Different types of targeting on Facebook
16.Age, Gender, Location, Behaviour, interest and other demographics based saved audience targeting
17.Other different types of targeting
18.Optimising and Spending controls
19.Ad Copy Creation techniques & Types
20.AdCreatives design & Types
21.Creating and Setting up Pixel
22.Custom Conversion tracking
24.Audience Retargeting
25.Remarketing with Custom Audience
26.Remarketing with Lookalike Audience
27.Creating a campaign with look alike audience
28.Metrics & Optimisations.
29.How to handle negative comments on Facebook Ads
30.Scaling Facebook Ads – Scaling with Audience Expansion, Adset Scaling, CBO Scaling, Ad Account, Sniper Method
31.How to work as Freelancer running facebook Ads for clients


1.Introduction to Linkedin.
2.Linkedin for SEO.
3.Benefits of LinkedIn Network.
4.LinkedIn Profile Creation.
5.Optimizing the profile.
6.Skills and Endorsements.
7.Recommendations on LinkedIn.
8.Adding new connections.
9.LinkedIn Posts.
10.LinkedIn Groups.
11.Finding Jobs on LinkedIn.
12.Creating a business page on LinkedIn.
13.Linkedin business page customization.
14.LinkedIn Page Posts.
15.Retargeting Profile Views
16.Retargeting in Linkedin Marketing
17.Leads Generation in LinkedIn
18.Types of Ads in Linkedin
19.Different types of campaigns and objectives
20.Audience Targeting
21.AdFormats & Placements
22.Budget & Scheduling
23.Conversion Tracking
24.LinkedIn Audience Network
25.Lookalike Audience 
26.Custom Audience


1.Introduction to Twitter.
2.Twitter for Brand building.
3.Creating a Twitter profile.
4.Fan Engagement on Twitter.
5.Twitter HashTags.
6.Choosing Hashtags for your business?
7.Engaging users on Twitter.
8.Integrating Twitter with other social media networking sites.

1.What is Instagram Marketing
2.Why should you use Instagram for your business
3.How to increase followers on Instagram
4.Tips to get good Engagement on Instagram
5.Best Instagram Marketing Tactics
6.Instagram Hashtags
7.Instagram Stories & their importance
8.60seconders on Instagram – Instagram Video Ads.
9.Instagram paid advertising
10.IGTV and its importance


  1. Introduction to messenger marketing
  2. Tools for Messenger Marketing
  3. Messenger Bots
  4. Running Messenger Ads
  5. Building Messenger Subscribers
  6. Messenger Broadcasts
  7. Messenger Segmentation
  1. YouTube Marketing Introduction.
  2. Creating a Channel on YouTube.
  3. Different types of Videos.
  4. How to create different types of videos
  5. Screen Recording Tools
  6. Video Making Tools
  7. Video Editing tools
  8. How to Upload Videos to Youtube
  9. YouTube SEO Ranking Factors
  10. keyword Research for YouTube
  11. YouTube Title, description, Tags optimisation
  12. How to design attractive thumbnails
  13. End Screens & cards
  14. How to use Playlists.
  15. YouTube SEO Tools for Ranking
  16. Understanding Copyrights and Spam.
  17. Making Money From YouTube
  18. YouTube Adsense Monetisation Tricks & Tips
  19. YouTube Partner Program YPP approval
  20. Revenue sources other than Adsense
  21. YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard.
  22. YouTube Analytics.
  23. YouTube comment moderation.
  24. YouTube channel Suspension, Policy Violation rules.
Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad

About Course

Our Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad is designed for people who would like to learn just social media marketing.

Social Media platforms are widely used in today’s world by more than 750% of the world’s population. Working as a social media expert or in the field of social media comes with its own benefits, with ease of work and lots of creativity, social media marketing is easily one of the most fun jobs out there. Companies market their products to their potential customers via  social media platforms and almost every company functions with a social media team that manages the organization’s strategies and marketing tricks. 

Which social media platforms we should focus on?


Facebook marketing is one of the most preferred and used social media platforms. We can promote our business to billions of people, effectively and constructively. 

The Facebook platform offers both paid and free promotion for your business.

Facebook Advertising however, comes under paid advertising, here we assist live campaigns based on services or products. 

Facebook page maintenance is also an important factor in creating brand awareness that results in free sales or promotions.

We provide the best Facebook marketing assistance at Digital Brolly. 


Twitter marketing is one of the best platforms to keep engagement on a particular topic.

Most of them use it to express their views on incidents which occurred during that period.

Twitter Marketing can be used for business promotion through maintaining post engagement.

We will assist you in maintaining a Twitter profile and maintaining engagement.

A successful Twitter marketing strategy can get you more traffic. Twitter has a user of more than 320  million active users.

Twitter ads have also had more reach after 2020. You can gain more engagement and bring a positive impact on your customers by replying to them back on Twitter. According to reports, 40% of customers decided to purchase something after seeing it on Twitter.


LinkedIn Marketing is also one of the primary factors for business promotions as LinkedIn is a major business exchange & professional platform. 

We at Digital Brolly, as a part of the Social Media Marketing course in Hyderabad will assist you with the creation, optimization and marketing of LinkedIn. According to reports released by Hubspot, “Traffic from LinkedIn generated is noted to have the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which is collectively almost three times more (277%) than Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).”


Instagram marketing helps to promote our business through free as well as paid campaigns. Here, the reach for free and paid campaigns can easily be calculated and tallied based on the number of leads and sales generated.

In Instagram marketing, we will majorly train you in promoting your business through live campaigns that are widely used by a majority of people. 

Looking for a full Digital Marketing Course? Please enroll in our Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad and kickstart your SMM career!

New Batches

Course Fee12000 Rs
Course Duration1 Month
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Course – Training ModesOnline
Next Batch Date7th Feb 2022 @10am

Digital Marketing Course Certifications


V.Monika Gupta
V.Monika Gupta
Social Media Marketing Course

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Social media Marketing course

Lalit Bhargav

I’m Y.Lalit Bhargav

Digital marketing course is going well.The concepts are understandable.Ravi sir is always helpful when ever we get stuck in any work he always helps and solves the problem.

The teaching style is good and whenever a student asks questions sir replies immediately.Sir, has good knowledge in digital marketing.


Patrick Staunton

5 Stars for * Perfect teacher student ratio * Individual attention for each student * Internship and placement assistance * Great case studies discussed * I am already enjoying the benefits of this course Digital Brolly is a great place to learn the concepts of Digital Marketing. Moreover Digital Brolly offers one year access to the lab facilities which is really great. Mr. Ravi Varma is an excellent trainer who is always ready to go the extra mile to help his students.Totally Recommend Digital Brolly
Social Media Marketing Course

K.Srujan Vignesh

I learnt digital marketing course in digital brolly…I thought it would be difficult for me…but digital brolly help me out in every segment and mainly I have to thank #Ravi sir for helping me out and clarifying my doubts and explaining very easy ways….thank you digital brolly and ravi sir for making this happen to me.

Social media Marketing course

Sunil Varma Dandu

Best digital marketing training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Ravivarma sir is an asset to the institute. He explains each and every topic very clearly. They are also offering internships with live projects along with classroom sessions. Employees are very friendly and clear all doubts. Best recommended institute in Hyderabad.

Vikash Kumar

It’s a great place to learn Digital Marketing, where I have gained real-time work experience. Along with classroom sessions, they are providing internships on live projects. The infrastructure is very well. Along with the internship, the lab session is pretty awesome, where you can clear all your doubts regarding any module. Thanks to team Brolly 🙂 🙂

Venkatesh P

Friendly environment to learn digital marketing courses and the job oriented training classes with live projects, the way trainer Ravi sir teaches a class is nice. Digital Brolly is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn digital marketing courses with affordable fees.


Srinu Pikki

Brolly provides the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad. They will teach job oriented topics, and they will provide you with the paid themes and plugins with free of cost. I will suggest you guys join this institute at an affordable price.

N Rich Plans

I did my digital marketing course from digital brolly, Really very good training for digital marketing course in hyderabad, Faculty is well experienced training method are awesome, i strongly recommend brolly, best digital marketing institute in hyderabad.

Prassana Kumar

After doing research on many training institutes in Hyderabad, I finally enrolled myself to DIGITAL BROLLY and it was a great experience learning Digital Marketing course here. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a career in Digital Marketing to enroll yourself in DIGITAL BROLLY. The mentors are really amazing…. Thank you Avinash, Ravi Varma and Madhan Mohan for your valuable guidance.


Bala Balaji Panatulav

Digital Brolly is an Awesome learning space for all age groups who would like to enter into Digital Marketing. Working for someone is what we do on a daily basis but learning something from Digital Brolly helps us do something for our-self to shine in this Digital World. It helped me create my own Blog, Website, YouTube channel and excel in SEO, Facebook Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Google Analytics. Whether it is digital marketing training in
Hyderabad or digital marketing course in Hyderabad Digital Brolly is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.


Solomon G

A great training option to learn Digital Marketing course, comprehensive and industry specific course. The trainer has vast experience and delivers with real time examples. Support staff is great as well.



Good learning environment with live industries case studies.Having technical lab for practice with professional staff. Thanks for making me confident in the Digital Marketing subject and encouragement from all of you. I can tell this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.


K Pavani

Best Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad, Excellent training given by Avinash Katta sir and Ravi Varma sir. This is the best platform to grow your life. I got placed in a company. No doubt this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad. Thanks to Digital Brolly.


Harsha TheTechie

Very positive and fun environment to learn digital marketing and English courses with practice. Both trainers are very good in teaching. I am attending Ravi Varma sir’s class. This is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad you can get.

Indhu Mathi

This is the best course for digital marketing training in Hyderabad. Faculty gives in-depth knowledge about the subject. I strongly suggest Digital Brolly – the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad for Digital Marketers who want to grow in this Digital Marketing field.


Shaik Rehaman

Best Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad, Excellent training given by Avinash Katta sir and Ravi Varma sir. This is the best platform to grow your life. I got placed in a company. No doubt this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad. Thanks to Digital Brolly.


Harsha TheTechie

Very positive and fun environment to learn digital marketing and English courses with practice. Both trainers are very good in teaching. I am attending Ravi Varma sir’s class. This is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad you can get.

Indhu Mathi

This is the best course for digital marketing training in Hyderabad. Faculty gives in-depth knowledge about the subject. I strongly suggest Digital Brolly – the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad for Digital Marketers who want to grow in this Digital Marketing field.


We cannot assure you a job but can assure you 100% quality Social media marketing course in Hyderabad guaranteed placement assistance. Our SMM course covers all the important and essential modules of the training after which we will also help prepare a professional resume and conduct mock interviews that will help you during the placements. 

The Digital marketing course in Hyderabad, is a 60 days course with classes conducted from Monday to Friday. Each class will be conducted for 1hr – 1:30 hrs depending upon the scheduled topic. 

The course fee for Digital marketing – social media marketing course in Hyderabad is ₹20,000/- You can further contact our team and discuss the fee details as required. 

You can only avail a 100% refund within the first 3 days of enrollment after which no refund can be issued by our institute. 

We will arrange backup classes for all the missed classes or you can always attend our next live batch to catch up with the syllabus. 

Yes of course, the course material will directly be shared with you, online via email. 

Yes, we do offer a Digital Marketing Course with an internship, with 2 months of internship along with the course at an additional price. 

Though we suggest you attend the complete digital marketing program in Hyderabad, you can also attend only our Social media marketing Training in Hyderabad program. 

Want to know how to make money from Facebook and Social Media?

Why this Course?

Traditional marketing limits the reach for any business within a local area but Digital marketing on the other hand is economical and is known to get faster and better results. One of the major benefits is that there are many types of Digital Marketing, each with its own capability and potential of holding a lucrative career. Social media marketing is one such type of digital marketing that has the ability to boost your business on a global platform without having to make huge investments. 

To build an online presence, We can either create a website, maintain social profiles, build our profiles in a business listing, advertising, etc. Social media plays a major role in creating brand awareness and allows you to make large scale promotions for business.  

Social media marketing training in Hyderabad is designed for helping individuals master the art of social media marketing, its strategies and techniques, tools and platforms etc. Creating brand awareness or social media presence in different platforms for promoting sales or services for any business is also something you will learn and understand throughout the course. 

We will assist you in creating professional social media profiles & maintain them in an orderly manner. We will also assist you in running paid campaigns that can generate quality leads and sales on an everyday basis.

Several factors like targeting specific categories including gender, age, location-based targeting, etc., and targeting particular business keywords to make complete use of the campaigns will be covered in the training program. 

social media marketing course


Social media Marketing course


Social media Marketing course


Social media Marketing course


jobSocial media Marketing course


Social media Marketing course

Interview preparation


Social networking plays a key role in the communication tools of private companies and public institutions. Digital Brolly’s Social Media Training will teach you how to work with these tools effectively and use it to build a company’s communication strategy and marketing performance. Courses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media  networks can be used by both beginners as well as advanced users.

The training is led by certified social media experts with experience in training, they offer result-oriented training and fully understand the needs and requirements of the industry. In addition to that, you will get a detailed analysis of social media communications including specific suggestions for improvement or change. Social media marketing course is designed for people who want to expand their business in social media marketing.

This social media course will also be helpful for students who want to pursue a career in social media marketing. We cover social media platforms like Facebook, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and their key role in business growth.

Social media marketing training in Hyderabad covers basics like creating a social profile & running course Ads for a particular business.

We will give a detailed overview of generating reports including reach, leads, cost per click, Impressions,etc., and we also give assistance in budget planning for running campaigns.

Social media marketing course is designed for two weeks.

We will provide live demonstrations on creating profiles and creating paid Advertising.

We will also help in promoting business through paid campaigns. 

Want to know how to make money from Facebook and Social Media?

Who should Attend?

  1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants.
  2. Bloggers Aspirants.
  3. Small Business Owners.
  4. Web Developers.
  5. College students
  6. Job Aspirants
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Social Media Analyst


  1. Crash course for quick learners.
  2. Get a fresh perspective on marketing techniques.
  3. Exposure to the industry used tools.
  4. Understanding SMM.
  5. Learn to use social media for business.
  6. Maintenance of Social Media platforms.
  7. Creating Paid Campaigns.
  8. Generating info like cost per impression, Leads, etc.
  9. Estimating the cost for each lead.
  10. Free course material documents for future reference

Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

As per reports Social Media platforms have billions of users spending hours on these sites.So you can take the advantage and target your audience where they are active. And increase brand visibility at economical cost.

Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) In Hyderabad

The average time spent by a person on social media is around 40 to 60 minutes.This is the best way to target your customers at the right place and Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ etc. are hotspots for MNC’s and small businesses. Companies are always on the lookout for certified experts in the field of social media marketing who can run campaigns successfully on these platforms.

Social media marketing course from Digital Brolly will help you achieve a career in the ever-demanding and ever-growing industry. Learn how to spend and make strategies for different business requirements eventually converting them to leads and sales. Practically learn how to establish business profiles on LinkedIn to increase profits while using advanced techniques for better campaign results.