Digital Marketing Course with Internship

2 Months Training 2 Months Internship Experience Certificate 2 Live Projects


2 month Course

Digital Marketing course with internship is a 2 month programme with training and the Internship.

Internship with Real-Time Experience

You can work as the Digital Marketing Intern for the 2 months along with the Course.

Experience certificate

You are working with us as an Digital Marketing Intern for which you are paid salary too. Along with the salary, we shall also give away the Experience work Certificate.

About Digital Marketing Course with Internship

Digital Marketing is growing big every day. With more users coming online the demand for digital marketing grows even further. Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship is focused on making you work on real time live projects in the form of Internship.

Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship Programs consists of 18 Modules covered in 2 months with 1 Hr class every weekday, Monday to Friday. You can join internship along with the course for 2 months Duration

All the 2 months you will be working on Live projects and try each and everything that you learnt duration the 2-month training program. After the completion of the Digital marketing Internship, you will be given Experienced Certificate and will assist you 100% till you are placed in a company as a Digital Marketer.

Why Join Digital Marketing Course with Internship

  • Live projects
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Real-Time Project Exposure
  • Pay Once – Attend any number of times in 1 Year.
  • Free Soft material Provided.
  • Class PPT’s shared on the day of class.
  • Brolly Training Certificate.
  • Google Certification Support.
  • Special Job oriented Sessions.
  • Free Interview preparation classes.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Internships for Selected students.
  • 100% Job Support.
  • Experience Certificate as per candidature.
  • Missed a class? No Problem, Free Backup classes Available.

Digital Marketing Course with Internship Description

We believe our Digital Marketing Course with Internship is the right approach to get a job in Digital marketing, with India growing digitally everyday, there are more than 1 lakh new jobs getting created on Digital marketing every year in India. Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship will actually help you work on Live and Real Time Projects. Which you don’t find in any other institutes. Since you work real time as an intern already with us at Brolly, your chances of getting a Digital marketing job is high.

Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship covers both the business and Job Aspects in Digital Marketing covering all the 18 modules, and 225 topics as mentioned in our Curriculum.

We don’t just stop with training you on Digital marketing concepts, but we will also make you work on Digital Marketing Projects as a Digital Marketing Intern and make you get used to the job environment too. It also helps you crack interviews. Not just that, we shall also help you in creating a perfect resume, conduct mock-up interviews at our office, discuss interview questions in the class and we also refer your profile to the companies and startups that we partnered with to make things easier for you to get a job.

After the completion of the Internship for 3 months. You will be given the Experience Certificate for your work with Brolly making things more easier for you to get a job.

Let us help you to build your career on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course with Internship Curriculum

1.1 Basics of Marketing

  1. What Marketing?
  2. 4 P’s of Marketing
  3. Definitions of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Sales
  4. Advanced 7P’s Marketing Mix
  5. Market segmentation, Targeting and positioning. (STP)
  6. Real world case study example
  7. Marketing in the Digital Era

1.2 Introduction to Digital Marketing

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. History of Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  4. Traditional Marketing Funnel
  5. Digital Marketing Funnel
  6. Visibility – Types of visibility and its importance
  7. Traffic – Target VS Non Targeted Traffic
  8. Converting Traffic into Leads
  9. Visitor Engagement
  10. Visitor Retention
  11. Advantages of Digital Marketing
  12. Digital Marketing Trends
  13. Digital Marketing channels

1.3 World of Web & Website Development

  1. Understanding Internet
  2. Difference between Internet and web
  3. Web browsers – Understanding websites
  4. Domain names and Domain name extensions
  5. Web Hosting
  6. Introduction web development
  7. Basics of HTML
  8. Basics of CSS
  9. Introduction of WordPress
  10. Advantages of WordPress
  11. WordPress Installation on Server
  12. WordPress Dashboard
  13. Changing the default Settings
  14. Installing and customizing themes
  15. Creating categories, pages and posts
  16. Adding menu to site
  17. Adding widgets to site

2.1 Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Adding website to search console and its verification
  2. Setting Geo target location
  3. Search queries analysis
  4. Filtering search queries
  5. External Links report
  6. Crawls stats and Errors
  7. Fixing Crawl stats errors
  8. Fixing 404 errors
  9. Robots.txt

2.2 Keyword Analysis

  1. Introduction to Keyword Research
  2. What are keywords?
  3. Types of Keywords
  4. Google keyword planner tool
  5. Keywords Analysis Tools
  6. Keywords research process
  7. Keyword ideas generation
  8. Google Search Operators
  9. Competition Analysis
  10. Finalizing the Keywords List

2.3 Introduction to SEO

  1. How the search engine works?
  2. What is SEO?
  3. Introduction to SERP
  4. Ranking methodology
  5. Search algorithm updates
  6. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird update
  7. Benefits of SEO

2.4 On- Page Optimization

  1. Fundamental On-page Factors
  2. Setting a Title for the Page/Post
  3. Meta Tags Optimization – Title and Description
  4. Headings, their importance and rules
  5. Image File name optimization
  6. Image Alt tag and its importance
  7. Keywords placement and keyword ratio
  8. Content readability
  9. Content optimization
  10. Site speed analysis
  11. Anchor Links Optimization
  12. URL Redirecting Techniques using .htaccess
  13. Custom 404 Error Page

2.5 Off Page Optimization

  1. Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  2. What is Link Building?
  3. Linking Building Methodology
  4. Types of Linking Methods (One Way, Two Way and Three Way Links)
  5. DoFollow Vs. NoFollow
  6. Links Analysis Tools
  7. What is Domain Authority? How to increase Domain Authority
  8. Directory Submissions
  9. Social Bookmarking
  10. Local Business Listing
  11. Importance of Local Listing
  12. Submission to Google Places – My Business Listing
  13. Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
  14. Generating Links from QA sites
  15. Blogging and Guest Blogging
  16. Press Releases
  17. Social Media Marketing Techniques ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

3.1 Search Engine Marketing / AdWords

  1. Understanding inorganic search results
  2. Introduction to Google AdWords & PPC advertising
  3. Setting up Google AdWords account
  4. Understanding Adwords account structure
  5. Key Terms in Adwords – PPC, Bidding, AdRank, quality score, CTR
  6. Understanding AdWords Algorithm
  7. How does AdWords rank ads
  8. Understanding bids
  9. Types of Advertising campaigns
  10. Creating Search Campaigns
  11. Understanding location targeting
  12. Different types of location targeting
  13. Understanding different types of bid strategy – manual and Auto
  14. Advanced level bid strategies – Enhanced CPC CPA
  15. Understanding flexible bidding strategy
  16. Pros & Cons of different bid strategies
  17. Understanding ad-extensions & Types of ad-extensions
  18. Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
  19. Creating Ad Groups
  20. Understanding keywords
  21. Finding relevant keywords, Adding keywords in ad-group, Using keyword planner tool
  22. Understanding types of keywords, Board, Phrase, exact, synonym & negative
  23. Creating ads – Display & destination URL
  24. Tracking Performance/Conversion
  25. Optimizing Search Campaigns
  26. Importance of CTR in optimization & How to increase CTR
  27. Creating Search Campaigns
  28. Importance of quality score in optimization & How to increase quality score
  29. Importance of negative keywords in optimization
  30. Evaluating campaign stats
  31. Optimizing with conversion report
  32. Optimizing performing keywords & Optimizing non performing keywords
  33. How to decrease CPC Analyzing your competitors performance
  34. Creating Display Campaign
  35. Types of display campaigns- All features, Mobile app, Remarketing, Engagement
  36. Difference in search & display campaign settings
  37. Ad-scheduling & Ad-delivery
  38. Understanding ads placement
  39. Using display planner tool
  40. Creating text ads & banner ads using tools
  41. Uploading banner ads
  42. Optimizing Display Campaign
  43. Understanding Remarketing
  44. Setting up re-marketing campaign
  45. Creating re-marketing lists
  46. Using display planner tool
  47. Creating text ads & banner ads using tools
  48. Advanced Level list creation
  49. Custom audience

3.2 Google Analytics

  1. Introduction to Google Analytics
  2. How Google Analytics works
  3. How to set up analytics account
  4. How to add analytics code in website
  5. Understanding Google Analytics account structure
  6. Understanding goals and conversions
  7. How to setup goals
  8. Understanding different types of goals
  9. Understanding bounce & bounce rate
  10. Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  11. How to reduce bounce rate
  12. How to integrate AdWords and Analytics account
  13. Understanding filters & segments
  14. How to set up filters & segments
  15. How to view customized reports
  16. Monitoring traffic sources
  17. Monitoring traffic behavior
  18. Taking required corrective actions

5.1 Email Marketing

  1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. How Email works?
  3. Why Email Marketing?
  4. Advantages with Email Marketing
  5. Email Marketing in Digital Marketing
  6. Terminology Used in Email Marketing
  7. Do and Don’ts in Email Marketing
  8. Best platforms to do Email Marketing
  9. Auto-Responders
  10. Building Email Marketing strategy
  11. Building subscriber lists
  12. Designing Newsletters
  13. How to do bulk emailing?
  14. Best practices to send bulk emails
  15. Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder
  16. Reports Metrics and analysis
  17. A/B Testing & Improving ROI

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)

6.1 Introduction to Social Media

  1. Introduction of Social Media and Its Evolution
  2. Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Media Marketing
  3. SMM Vs SMO
  4. Understanding Social Media Statistics
  5. Social Media Strategy
  6. Social Media Impact on SEO

6.2 Facebook Marketing

  1. Introduction to Facebook
  2. Facebook account setup
  3. Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements
  4. Facebook Page for businesses
  5. Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook
  6. Facebook marketing strategy
  7. Understanding Facebook Trends
  8. Understanding Hashtags and its advantages
  9. Facebook Page designing
  10. Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes
  11. Page management options
  12. Types of Posts and Statistics
  13. Facebook Events creation
  14. Understanding Photo Dimensions in Posts
  15. Creating a post strategy
  16. Creating Stunning and Creative Content for Facebook
  17. Facebook Insights
  18. Facebook Groups
  19. Facebook Apps
  20. Integration Facebook to the website
  21. Integration Facebook to Google Plus
  22. Integration to YouTube
  23. Understanding Book Dashboard

6.3 Facebook Advertising

  1. Introduction to Facebook Advertisements
  2. Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements
  3. Starting with Facebook Advertising
  4. Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement
  5. Targeting Audience
  6. Advanced Audience Targeting
  7. Bidding Strategies
  8. Ad Formats
  9. Ad Dimensions and Rules
  10. Remarketing Strategy
  11. Conversion Tracking

6.4 YouTube Marketing

  1. What is Video Marketing
  2. Statistics of Video Marketing
  3. Creating Channel in YouTube
  4. Customizing the YouTube Channel
  5. Create video marketing strategy
  6. Viral video examples
  7. Upload the first video
  8. How to optimize the video?
  9. Custom settings in videos
  10. YouTube Engagement Metrics
  11. Increasing Subscribers
  12. Reaching Subscriber thru YouTube default dashboard
  13. Annotations and Cards
  14. How to use Playlists
  15. Understanding copyrights and spam
  16. YouTube Studio
  17. YouTube Analytics
  18. YouTube channel suspension on policy Violation and appealing to regain the YouTube Channel
  19. YouTube User Roles and Managing other YouTube pages as a manager
  20. Earning opportunities with YouTube Content Creation
  21. Content Creation Ideas

6.5 Google+ Marketing

  1. Introduction to Google+
  2. How and when Google + came into Google Umbrella
  3. Google+ Prominence in SEO
  4. Starting Google Plus Creating a Profile
  5. Understanding Google Plus Connections and Managing the G+ Connections
  6. Starting with Creating Google+ Page
  7. Types of Pages Available with Google Plus
  8. Google+ Content Strategy and Statistics
  9. Posting on Google+
  10. Increasing the Reach and Followers
  11. Linking Google+ with Site and Other Social Media products
  12. Google+ Badge Integration
  13. Google+ Groups

6.6 LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Introduction to Linkedin.com and Understanding Linkedin.com
  2. Linkedin for SEO
  3. Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  4. Starting with LinkedIn profile Creation in LinkedIn
  5. Optimizing the profile
  6. Skills and Endorsements
  7. Recommendations in LinkedIn
  8. Creating new connections
  9. Posting content in profile
  10. LinkedIn Groups
  11. Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
  12. Starting with Creating company page in LinkedIn
  13. Customization of Linkedin Company page
  14. Posting in LinkedIn Page
  15. LinkedIn for Talent hunt
  16. Understanding Linked in Users and Their roles
  17. Assigning admin roles to manage the Company Page
  18. Advertising in LinkedIn

6.7 Twitter Marketing

  1. Introduction twitter
  2. Importance of Twitter for building a brand for business
  3. Fan Engagement in Twitter
  4. Starting Twitter by creating a Twitter profile
  5. Understanding Twitter hash tags
  6. How to create hashtags for your business?
  7. Engaging users on twitter
  8. Integration Twitter with other social media networking sites
  9. Twitter Advertisements

7.0 Affiliate Marketing

  1. Introduction to affiliate Marketing
  2. How affiliate Marketing Works
  3. Prominence of Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing Journey
  4. Affiliate Marketing tools
  5. Top brands offering Affiliations to market their productions
  6. Identifying top products to start getting affiliate income
  7. Tips and Tricks to make wonderful revenue from affiliate Marketing
  8. Explanation & Discussion on Live Case Study on Affiliate Marketing

Let us help you to build your career on Digital Marketing

Who can Attend Digital Marketing Course with Internship?

  1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants
  2. Traditional Marketing Professionals
  3. Blogging Enthusiasts or Bloggers
  4. Small Business Owners can improve the ROI for your business
  5. Web Developers and Content Writers
  6. Job Seekers, people looking for a job in Digital marketing
  7. Professionals that want to learn Digital Marketing for job change
  8. Students can learn digital and start earning online using Digital Marketing
  9. Sales professionals can accelerate your career leaning Digital Marketing
  10. People looking to generate a secondary source of income
  11. Public Relations Manager or a Brand Managers


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will get a job after doing this course?

Yes. Our Digital marketing Course covers all the required digital marketing modules required for the industry. Not just with course training,you are also getting real work experience in the form of Digital Marketing Internship, not just that, we also provide you sample resumes and conduct mock interviews to make you Fearless from Interviews. We also guide you through Google Fundamentals Certification which makes you more employable compared to others. We also refer you to our partnered companies and startups to assist you 100% to get placed. We don’t guarantee a job but we provide free internship facility to make you work real time so you can get job easily with work experience.

2. How long is the course duration and fee details?

This a 2 months course, it is a weekday course running from Monday to Friday. The class duration each day will be between 1 hr – 1:30 hr depending upon the topic for the day.

3. What is Digital marketing course with internship Fee? Can I pay in Installments? What payments are available?

The actual course fee is Rs 25000, but we are running an inauguration offer and giving the course for just Rs 15000. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 15000 should be made in a single installment. You can pay us by Cash, TEZ App, PayTm, Account Transfer or any Debit or Credit Card.

4. How about cancellation and Refunds?

You can raise course cancellation request in 3 classes upon start of the batch, your payment will be refunded 100%. But after 3rd class of starting a batch, your amount will not be refunded.

5. What if I miss a class or classes?

No worries, If you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

6. Will you provide course material?

Yes, The soft copy of the course material will be shared with you through Google Drive.

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