Digital Marketing Course with Internship

2 Months Training2 Months Internship  Experience Certificate 2 Live Projects

Digital Marketing course with internship is a two-month program with hand in hand training and internship.

You can work as an intern and execute a live project for 2 months along with the course to gain professional work experience.

We will also provide a certified internship certificate from Digital Brolly after the program.

Digital Marketing Course with Internship - Next Batches

Date Batch Time Duration Trainer Free Demo
September 25th
12:00 PM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
D.V. Ravi Varma
September 21st
10:00 AM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
D.V. Ravi Varma
August 21st
11:00 AM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
D.V. Ravi Varma

Date Batch Time Duration Trainer Free Demo
October 1st
05:00 PM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
Avinash Katta
October 9th
07:00 PM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
Avinash Katta
October 16th
10:00 AM (IST)
60 Days (Mon - Fri)
Avinash Katta

Our corporate training programs are custom designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, with a focus on practical, hands-on training that will have a direct impact on your business. We cover all aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. We work with your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations while still providing high-quality training that will have a lasting impact on your business. Our experienced trainers are experts in the field of digital marketing and are committed to helping your team succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how our training program can help your team. Contact Us for Corporate Training

Internship Curriculum

Module 1 - Marketing Basics

1. What is Marketing? – Understanding Definitions & Meaning in detail.

2. 4 P’s of Marketing – Marketing Mix and Its importance

3. Types of Online Business and their Objectives.

4. Definitions of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Sales

5. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. (STP)

6. Real World Case Study Example.

Module 2 - Digital Marketing Basics

1. What is Digital Marketing?

2. Types of Digital Marketing

3. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

4. Traditional Marketing Funnel

5. Digital Marketing Funnel

6. What are Impressions?

7. Brand/Product Visibility

8. What is CTR & How is it calculated?

9. What is Traffic?

10. Types of Traffic based on the source

11. Types of traffic based on the Audience

12. Difference between targeted traffic & non-targeted traffic

13. What are leads?

14. What are sales?

15. What is Visitor Engagement?

16. How to increase Visitor Engagement?

17. What is Bounce Rate?

18. How to decrease bounce rate?

19. How to convert Traffic into Leads or sales

Module 3 - Earning Money Online (A brief Introduction)

1. Different ways to earn money online from websites.

2. Different ways to earn money online using videos.

3. Importance of blog in making money online.

4. What is Google Adsense

5. How to get your website approved for Google Adsense

6. Determining Ad positions and earning money from Adsense.

7. How to earn money by Making Vidoes and uploading them on Youtube Vidoes

8. YouTube Adsense and tricks to get get your channel monetised

9. Other monetisation methods on Youtube

10. Earning money from Youtube even before YouTube Monetization

11. Earning Money From Affiliate Marketing

12. Step by Step process on how to earn money from Affiliate Networks.

13. More ways to monetize video content online -Skillshare, Udemy &more

Module 4 - World of Web & Importance of website in Digital Marketing

1. What is a web Browser? & types of browsers

2. Difference between browsers and Search Engines.

3. What is a webpage?

4. what is a website?

5. What do you need to create a website?

6. What is a Domain names?

7. What are Domain extensions?

8. How to choose a domain name for your website?

9.How to buy a domain name?

10. What is a hosting space/server?

11. Different types of hosting

12. Which type of hosting to buy?

13. How to choose a best hosting provider?

14. Buying Hosting online.

Module 5 - Website Creation with WordPress

1. What is CMS?

2. Why WordPress?

3. How to install WordPress on Locol host (Your personal computer)?

4. How to install wordpress on Server?

5. WordPress Dashboard Breif

6. What are Pages?

7. What are Posts?

8. Difference between pages and posts?

9. How to create a Page and a Post?

10. What are categories?

11. How to create categories?

12. How to create different types of menus in WordPress?

13. Different types of Widgets and their usage

14. What is a Theme and Its Importance

15. How to install a theme and activate it?

16. How to choose the Right Theme for your website?

17. What are Plugins? and their Importance

18. How to allow / block the crawling for your website?

19. Page Builder plugins for designing custom pages

20. How to design a home page?

21. How to create a blog?

22. How to create Contact forms and registration forms on your website?

23. How to create an E-commerce website for free?

24. How to integrate a Payment Gateway (adding payment links) to your website?

25. How to build a sales funnel on WordPress?

26. How to optimise images on your website?

26. How to optimise your website for loading fast?

27. How to handle your website security?

28. How to maintain backups for your website?

29. List of very important plugins that are must for a website

30. Changing URL structrue for SEO purpose.

31. Add live chat options to your websites

Module 6 - Introduction & Basics of SEO

1. What is SEO?

2. Different types of SEO

3. What are the advantages of SEO?

4. Disadvantages of SEO

5. What is SERP?

6. Understand Search Results

7. How google works in the backend?

8. What is Crawling?

9. What is Indexing?

10. Rank Math Algorithm and importance of relevancy

11. What is Google Sandbox?

12. Does Google Sandbox Exist?

13. Google Algorithm updates.

14. Special note on Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird updates.

15. Note Latest Bret Update & Upcoming Web Vitals Update.

16. Step by Step process on how to do SEO for a new website?

Module 7 - Keyword Research

1.What are Keywords?

2.Different types of Keywords for SEO purpose.

3.Differentiating keywords based in user intentions.

4.What is search volume? and its importance.

5.What are LSI keywords?

6.What are intent defining keywords

7.differnce between money making keywords and informational keywords

8.How to get new keyword Ideas using google

9.Tools to use for more keyword ideas/

10.How to find search volume and tools to use?

11.Keywords Research Process

12. How to find profitable keywords for your business?

13. How to analyse difficulty of keyword?

14. How to analyse competitor keywords?

15. Deciding on keywords to target.

16. How to create strategies on how to outrank your competitors?

Module 8 - Content Writing

1. Generating content ideas

2. Forming a content framework/blueprint

3. Essential elements that your content should contain.

4. How to proofread or check the conetnt for grammatical errors

5. What is Plagiarism?

6. How to check the plagiarism of the content.

7. Best practices in content writing

Module 9 - ON Page Optimization

1.Fundamental ON Page Factors.

2.How to write SEO optimised title for your web Page/Post.

3.How to write attractive and description to get more clicks.

4.Best practices in writing page/post URLs to rank better

5.How to optimise the different types of Headings

6.The core content optimisation principles.

7.How to use LSI keywords, synonyms and intent words for better rankings

8.Structring your webpage and prioritising content for SEO

9.How to optimise Images on the website for image rankings.

10.Importance of image file name, Image Alt tag and its size.

11.Optimisng content for visual search appearence

12.Importance of questioning words & FAQs on your page/post.

13.Importance of videos and optimising videos on the page/post.

14.How to use SEO tools to cross check the on page factors implementation.

Module 10 - Technical SEO

1. Basics of Technical SEO

2. Website Structure & navigation optimisation for SEO

3. Indexability of the website.

4. Tracking and fixing indexing errors.

5. Importance of Internal linking in SEO

6. Impact of Page Speed on SEO

7. Using GT Metrix & Lighthouse for speed reports.

8. Importance of UX Signals for SEO

9. Core web vitals and their importance

10. Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml creation.

11. HTTPS & Website Security

12. Tracking and fixing broken links

13. custom 404 page

14. Importance of mobile responsiveness & mobile compatibility.

15. Touch friendly factors to boost UX and site rankings.

16. Other Technical Aspects to monitor

Module 11 - Advanced SEO

1. What are rich snippets.

2. Different types of rich snippets.

3. How to optimise content for different types of featured snippets.

4. How to create site link snippet

5. how to create product, rating, review snippets

6. FAQ Snippets and their benefits

7. Importance structred data tables on webpages/posts.

8. Other types of snippets and their optimisation techniques

9. Creating AMP pages and their benefits

Module 12 - OFF Page SEO

1. What is OFF Page SEO?

2. Difference between ON Page and OFF Page

3. Why is OFF Page SEO important?

4. Backlinks and their importance

5. What are backlinks

6. Types of backlinks

7. Do’s & Don’ts in Link Building

8. Importance of Anchor text in link building

9. What is domain authority?

10. How to check a websites domain authority?

11. How to increase a websites domain authority?

12. What is spam score

13. How to check for your websites spam score

14. Getting High quality Backlinks

15. Email marketing for backlinks

16. Link Building strategies

17. Advanced techniques in Link building

18. Unnatural links and their disadvantages

19. Monitoring Link Profile of your website

20. Maintaining Link health to avoid penalities

21. Process to remove spam links using disavowing tool

22. Establishing Brand Signals to boot rankings

23. EAT & their value

24. Other Key OFF Page techniques

Module 13 - Local SEO – Location Based SEO

1. Basics of Local SEO – What, why, how

2. The Map Pack – understanding the local seo results.

3. Keyword Research for Local SEO

4. Create a listing on Google My Business (GMB)

5. Key optimisation factors in GMB

6. Product listing, Services listing in GMB

7. GMB website builder tool.

9. Importance of images optimisation and posts in GMB

10. What are NAP Citations

11. Importance of citations in Local SEO

12. Key local SEO Ranking factors

13. Importance of Social Presense & check-in’s for local seo

14. Importance of Online reputation Management for Local SEO.

Module 14 - Google Search Console / New Search Central (Webmaster tools)

1. What is Google Search Console?

2. Importance and uses of Google Search Console (GSC)

3. How to integrate your website with GSC?

4. Different types of website verification methods?

5. Setting Geo-target locations.

6. Analysing keywords, their positions and CTR’s

7. Comparing results over time of different keywords

8. Filtering keyword analysis over countries, devices and more.

9. Check for indexability

10. How to request for page indexing

11. How to check for snippets and errors.

12. Fixing crawl errors.

13. Monitor and fix mobile responsive errors.

14. Monitoring and fixing Web load speed issues.

15. Monitoring and fixing page not found errors.

16. How to use GSC for more keyword oppurtunities and idea.

Module 15 - SEO - BONUS MODULE

1. How to earn money from SEO

2. New website SEO step by step process

3. SEO Optimisation check list

4. Creating SEO Performance report

5. SEO Interview Questions

6. Free SEO tools list

7. Paid SEO tool exposure

8. SEO Ebook & Material

9. SEO site Audits

Module 16 - Search Engine Marketing / Google Ads (former Webmaster Tools)

1.What is SEM?

2.Difference between SEO & SEM?

3.Inorganic Search Results

4.Introduction to Google AdWords & PPC Advertising

5.Setting up a Google AdWords Account

6.Adwords Dashboard overview & Walkthrough

7.Types of networks in Google Ads

8.Different types of campaigns

9.Types of Ads

10.How to create a Text Ad

11.Different types of text ad extensions.

13.Do’s and Don’ts in text Ads

14.Google Ads Account Structure

15.Types of cost models in Google Ads

16.Different types of keywords in Google Ads.

17.How Google Ads define Ad positions

18.Factors that influence Quality Score.

19.How to increase your Ads Quality score.

20.Creating High Quality Landing pages

21.Different types of bidding stratagies

22.How google Bidding/Auction works

23.Key terms in Google Ads – Impressions, clicks, CTR, Avg CPC, Conversions, Conversion rate, Cost, Cost per conversion, Impression rate, Avg cpm, Avg cpv, conversion value, conversion value per cost.

24.How to launch a search campaign

25.Choosing Campaign objective, Campign and Ad Types.

26.Naming a Campaign

27.Choosing a network

28.Choosing Target audience – Language targeting, Location Targeting, Demographics, Retargeting, interest based targeting

29.Getting your Ad budgets right

30.Creating Ad Groups.

31.Creating Adcopies.

32.Types of Display Ads

33.Launching a display campaign

34.Types of Video Ads

35.Launching a video campaign

36.Ad optimisation score and tips to improve

37.Conversion tracking

38.Generation Google Ads Reports

Module 17 - Google Analytics

1.Introduction to Google Analytics

2.How Google Analytics works?

3.How to set up Analytics Account for your website

4.Google Analytics Dashboard

5.Analysing Audience

6.Analysing website traffic Sources/Channels

7.Analysing Audience Demographics

8.Analysing traffic Behavioural flow

9. Analysing traffic location & Languages

10.Goals and Conversions

11.How to set up Goals?

12.Types of Goals

13.How to Integrate AdWords and Analytics account?

15.How to set up Filters?

16.How to generate reports in Google Analytics?

Module 18 - Email Marketing

1.What is Email Marketing?

2.Email Marketing Basics

2.Advantages of Email Marketing.

3.Types of Email Marketing

4.Do and Don’ts in Email Marketing.

5.Email Marketing Platforms – tools.

6.using email marketing tools for Lead Generation.


8.Designing Newsletters.

9.Creating mailing sequences

10.Generating sales from Email Marketing – Product sales, Affiliate sales

11.Avoiding spam folder – Double option.

12.Bulk Emailing.

13.Best practices to send bulk emails.

14.Reports Metrics and Analysis.

15.A/B Testing & Improving ROI.

16.Mail blast

17. Best tool for bulk mailing

18.Writing subject lines for high CTR

Module 19 - Introduction to Social Media & Facebook

1.Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Marketing.


3.Introduction to Facebook.

4.Facebook account setup.

5.Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements.

6.Creating a post.

7.Facebook Page for businesses.

8.Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook.

9.Profile Pic and Cover photo dimensions for pages.

10.Types of Posts and Statistics.

11.Hashtags and its advantages.

12.Facebook Page Designing.

13.Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes.

14.Page management options.

15.Facebook Events creation.

16.Facebook Insights.

17.Facebook Groups.

18.Facebook groups & types of groups

19. Importance and advantages of running a community on Facebook

Module 20 - Facebook Advertising

1.Introduction to Facebook Advertisements.

2.Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements.

3.Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement.

4.Targeting the Audience.

5.Advanced Audience Targeting.

6.Ad Formats.

7.Conversion Tracking.

8.Integrating Facebook Pixel with your website

9. Retargeting on Facebook.

10.Understanding Facebook’s ads account structure

11. Creating landing Pages/Funnels for Ads.

12.Important tips and tricks to create successful landing pages/funnels.

13. Understanding campaign Structure and their objectives.

14. Running different types of campaigns on Facebook.

15. Different types of targeting on Facebook

16.Age, gender, location, Behaviour, interest and other demographics based audience targeting.

17. Other different types of targeting

18. Optimizing and Spending controls

19. Ad copy creation techniques and types.

20. Ad creative design and types.

21. Creating and setting up Pixel

22. Custom conversion tracking

23. Attributions

24. Audience Retargeting

25. Remarking with custom audience

26. Remarking with Lookalike audience

27. Creating campaign with lookalike audience

28. Metrics & Optimizations

29. How to handle negative comments on Facebook Ads

30. Scaling Facebook Ads – Scaling with Audience expansion, Ad set scaling , CBO scaling , Ad account , Sniper method

31. How to work as a Freelancer running Ads for clients

Module 21 - Messenger Marketing

  1. Introduction to messenger marketing
  2. Tools for Messenger Marketing
  3. Messenger Bots
  4. Running Messenger Ads
  5. Building Messenger Subscribers
  6. Messenger Broadcasts
  7. Messenger Segmentation

Module 22 - Instagram

1.What is Instagram Marketing

2.Why should you use Instagram for your business

3.How to increase followers on Instagram

4.Tips to get good Engagement on Instagram

5.Best Instagram Marketing Tactics

6.Instagram Hashtags

7.Instagram Stories & their importance

8.60seconders on Instagram – Instagram Video Ads.

9.Instagram paid advertising

10. IGTV and its importance

Module 23 - Twitter Marketing

1.Introduction to Twitter.

2.Twitter for Brand building.

3.Creating a Twitter profile.

4.Fan Engagement on Twitter.

5.Twitter HashTags.

6.Choosing Hashtags for your business?

7.Engaging users on Twitter.

8.Integrating Twitter with other social media networking sites.

Module 24 - LinkedIn Marketing

1.Introduction to Linkedin.

2.Linkedin for SEO.

3.Benefits of LinkedIn Network.

4.LinkedIn Profile Creation.

5.Optimizing the profile.

6.Skills and Endorsements.

7.Recommendations on LinkedIn.

8.Adding new connections.

9.LinkedIn Posts.

10.LinkedIn Groups.

11.Finding Jobs on LinkedIn.

12.Creating a business page on LinkedIn.

13.Linkedin business page customization.

14.LinkedIn Page Posts.

15. Retargeting Profile views

16. Retargeting Linkedin Marketing

17. Leads Generation in Linkedin

18. Types of Ads in Linkedin

19. Different types of Ads in Linkedin

20. Different types of campaigns and objectives

21. Audience targeting

22. Adformats & Placements

23. Budget & scheduling

24. Conversion tracking

25. Linkedin Audience network

26. Lookalike Audience

27. Custom Audience

Module 25 - Content Marketing/Writing

1.Exploring content ideas

2.Content research

3.Tips to write good quality content

4.Content Spinning techniques

5.Plagiarism check for content

6.readability check for content

Module 26 - Quora marketing

1.What is Quora?

2.Creating a Quora profile

3.Generating Leads from Quora

4.Questioning in Quora

5.Answering in Quora

6.Being Anonymous

7.Quora Blog

8.Best Quora techniques for marketing your business.

9.Running paid Ads on Quora

Module 27 - Affiliate Marketing

1.Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

2.How Affiliate Marketing Works?

3.Earning Money from Affiliate Marketing.

4.Affiliate Marketing Networks.

5.Affiliate Marketing Niches research

6.Affiliate Marketing execution & Tips

7.Affiliate Marketing Tools.

8.Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate Marketing.

9.Live Case Studies.

10. Amazon Affiliate Network – Physical Products – India & US

11. Impact Affiliate Network – Digital Products & Services

12. Admitad Affiliate Network

13. Other Popular Affiliate Network – Click bank , JV-zoo, Commission Junction

14. Affiliate marketing execution & tips

15. Affiliate Marketing tools

16. Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate marketing

Module 28 - YouTube Marketing

1.YouTube Marketing Introduction.

2.Creating Channel on YouTube.

3.Types of Videos.

4.Uploading video.

5.YouTube Video SEO.

6.Annotations and End Cards.

7.How to use Playlists.

8.Understanding Copyrights and Spam.

9.YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard.

10.YouTube Analytics.

11.YouTube channel Suspension, Policy Violation rules.

12.How to create different types of videos

13. Screen recording tools

14. Video making tools

15. Video editing tools

16. How to upload videos on YouTube

17. YouTube SEO ranking factors

18. Keyword Research for YouTube

19. YouTube Title , description , Tags optimization

20. How to design attractive thumbnails

21. End screens and cards

22. How to use Playlists

23. YouTube SEO tools for Ranking

24. Understanding Copyrights and claims

25. Making Money from YouTube

26. YouTube Adsense Monetization Tricks & Tips

27. YouTube Partner Program YPP approval

28. YouTube comment moderation

Module 29 - Personal Branding

  1. What is a brand ?
  2. Brand story
  3. Brand Focus
  4. Brand Positioning
  5. Difference between Personal brand & organizational brand
  6. Step by step process of personal brands
  7. Branding Themes – Color Strategies
  8. Structuring your brand
  9. Branding on Social Media
  10. Measuring Brand Success

Module 30 - Freelancing

1.Best Freelancing sites.

2.Creating a profile in Freelancing websites.

3.Applying for works on freelancing websites.

4.Tips for getting projects on Freelancing websites.

5. Establishing network to get freelancing projects

6.Writing professional email to clients.

Module 31 - Entrepreneurship

  1. Basics of Entrepreneurship
  2. Finding & Testing Business idea
  3. Entrepreneurship Foundations
  4. Creating Buisness plan
  5. Raising Funds for Startup
  6. Types of companies in India
  7. Payment Gateways India & Foreign

Module 32 - WhatsApp Marketing

  1. What is whatsapp marketing
  2. Advantages & Importance whatsapp marketing
  3. Why is Whatsapp marketing so effective
  4. How to do Whatsapp marketing
  5. Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools
  6. Send messages to unsaved contacts
  7. Writing Attractive copies for Whatsapp marketing
  8. Best practices in Whatsapp marketing

Module 33 - Mobile/SMS Marketing

1.What is SMS marketing

2.Advantages & Importance of SMS Marketing

3.why is sms marketing so effective

4.How to do SMS marketing

5.What are Bulk SMS

6. Best practices

7. Do’s and Don’t in SMS marketing

Module 34 - E-commerce Sales

1.What is E-commerce website?

2.Difference between E-commerce website & Normal website

3.Importance of security for E-commerce website – SSL Security

4.E-commerce on WordPress – WooCommerce

5.Payment gateway integration.

6.Facebook marketplace sales.

Module 35 - Paid Tools Covered





5.WOO Rank

6.Keyword Tool


8.Ubersuggest – Pro

9. Page builders in WordPress elements Kit & Brizzy Pro

10. WordPress Image Optimizations – ShortPixel Pro

11. WordPress Plugin – Rankmath Pro

12. WordPress Backups – WPVivid

13. Liguix & Grammarly

14. Keyword

15. Frase – SEO conten research and content generation

16. Labricka – SEO Audit tool

17. Beacon & Designer – Ebook creator

18. Publer , Social Bee, Content Studio – Social Media

19. Vid IQ & Tube Buddy – Video marketing

20. Mailchimp & Krim mail – email marketing

21. Keyword Planner

22. Pably – Automations

23. Botstar – Message marketing

24. Microsoft clarity – user behavior

25. Loom/Clapboard/ Bcast – Screen Recorders

26. Vidnami/ Invideo – Video making

27. Web signals – Online Reputation Management

Module 36 - Resources Provided

  1. Notes/PPT’s / Material – Ebook
  2. Interview Questions Pdf
  3. Sample Resumes
  4. Free Themes and plugins.
  5. List of websites to follow for updates
  6. List of Websites for SEO Backlinks
  7. Access to Digital Brolly’s Private Facebook Group
  8. Job Openings updates
  9. Paid Plugins and Plugins Access

Module 37 - Job Oriented Sessions

1.Interview Questions

2.Resume Preparation

3.Digital Marketing Terminology

Module 38 - Certifications

1.Google Adwords certification

2.Brolly Course completion certificate

3.Internship Certificate with brolly

4.1 Year work Experience certificate**

5. Google Ads search certification

6. Google Ads Display certification

7. Google Ads Video certification

8. Google Ads Measurement certification

9. Hubspot Certifications

Digital Marketing Course with Internship

About Internship

Digital Marketing

The demand for Digital Marketing is increasing by the day, with more users and businesses flooding online. Both users and businesses have resorted to online means of marketing and purchasing as it is convenient and economical. This leads the way for digital marketing, allowing more scope and demand for digital marketing.

Post pandemic, things have changed drastically with more Businesses utilizing technology and digital platforms for the sustenance of their brand.

Acknowledging the demand for digital marketing job openings we have come up with the best digital marketing internship in Hyderabad which focuses on both Digital marketing course training as well as real-time live project internship.

Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship Program consists of 35 Modules with a 60 min class everyday from Monday to Friday. You can join the internship along with the course for two months duration.

During the 2 months of internship program at our institute, you will be working on live projects wherein every concept that you learn will be executed practically by you. After the completion of this internship, you will be given an Experience Certificate. We will also provide 100% assistance  to get placed in a good company as a Digital Marketer.

Internship Work Experience


Here are the students that have got placed through our Digital Marketing Course with Internship Program. This program purely focuses on making the candidate employable by giving them all the practical and theoretical training required to excel in digital marketing.

K Pranay
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Reviews on Digital Marketing Course With internship

Uday Kumar
Uday Kumar
@Uday Kumar
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Digital Marketing course was super. Really very good training for digital marketing course in Hyderabad. The faculty is well experienced and the training methods are awesome. I strongly recommend Brolly, the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.
Shayona Sarkar
Shayona Sarkar
@Shayona Sarkar
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I have been working on my website and whenever I faced any difficulties the team was available to help. I appreciate the hard work of the trainers of the digital brolly. This is the best institute for digital marketing course with internship.
Anusha Mishra
Anusha Mishra
@Anusha Mishra
Read More
What do you call a team of passionate instructors thriving to achieve a common objective to bring world class curriculum to learners by simplifying it for even the novice: Digital Brolly!! If you are looking at learning without any fancy frills, please do visit them once to know why I recommend them strongly (a free demo class can be arranged for this) & if you are looking at fancy class rooms or low rates of course (for which you have atleast 100 options which teach only theory or have limited knowledge hence the charges or have Digital Marketing course as one of the courses) then this is not the place to be! They also ” assist” you with placements therefore look no further!☺
Rana Singh
Rana Singh
@Rana Singh
Read More
I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Varma for all his support and the quality of training he has provided. Due to the training and resources provided, I was able to learn the most useful aspects of digital marketing. Furthermore, the course was informative, which helped me in understanding the various concepts and strategies that are used in digital marketing. Moreover, the one month internship was also quite enjoyable and challenging too. I certainly recommend Mr. Ravi Varma and Digital Brolly as your one stop solution for all your digital marketing training needs. The career guidance, interview preparations and mock interviews further helped in understanding the digital ecosystem and being prepared. All in all, I can proudly say that Digital Brolly was a great decision which helped me in reaping great benefits.
Sheikh Rehaman
Sheikh Rehaman
@Sheikh Rehaman
Read More
I've never completed a course like this before (remote instruction) and I cannot express how great the (Mr. Ravi Varma Sir) was and the overall content of the material. I highly  recommend  this course to my co-workers and  friends as well. He is one of the Best Digital marketing training in Hyderabad & I am very happy to be a family member of digital brolly.
Puja Shiva
Puja Shiva
@Puja Shiva
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Perfect institute to learn digital marketing .I have learnt many things in digital marketing. The course fee is quite affordable by anyone. I like the way our Ravi Sir teaches and his teaching skills are perfect. I got a job in SUAA Ecommerce Professional LLP as digital marketing executive. In internship I had gained experience in SEO,SMM,SEM and YouTube marketing and we can also learn many online money earning works. Now I am happy in this field and am developing a digital marketing career.
Mohammad Saddam Hussein
Mohammad Saddam Hussein
@Mohammad Saddam Hussein
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This is the best training institute in Hyderabad to do an internship and get work knowledge. They offer internships with live projects and also provide placements after the completion of the course
Vijay Rathod
Vijay Rathod
@Vijay Rathod
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It is a great place to learn digital marketing as it has given me so much knowledge and has refined my skills very well. It is a well balanced course and focuses on every aspect of digital marketing theoretically and practically. 😊
Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar
@Vikash Kumar
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It’s a great place to learn Digital Marketing where I have gained real-time work experience. Along with classroom sessions, they are providing internships on live projects. The infrastructure is very well. Along with the internship, the lab session is pretty awesome where you can clear all your doubts regarding any module. Thanks to team Brolly
Dhermender Mourya
Dhermender Mourya
@Dhermender Mourya
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Digital Brolly is one of the best institute to learn Digital Marketing in Kukatpally - Hyderabad with very less cost. Very good teaching and learnings from the trainer Ravi Varma with all the support and doubt clarification. Over all very good institute to learn DM.
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I’m thankful to the team of digital brolly they have helped me a lot. I was able to work on a live project. Because of the internship, I gained more confidence in the topics of digital marketing. The team helped me clarify all small doubts also.
Rahul Kondapally
Rahul Kondapally
@Rahul Kondapally
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The entire experience was a very positive one. I felt that all staff members were always available and doing their utmost to help in anyway possible. A very welcoming place. The course itself and the tutor Mr. Varma were very insightful.


1. Will I get a job after doing this Digital Marketing course with an internship?

Yes. Our Digital marketing course with internship covers all the required digital marketing modules along with real-time work experience in the form of Digital Marketing Internship.

We will also provide you with sample resumes and conduct mock interviews to help you gain confidence for interviews. We guide you through Google Fundamentals Certification which adds more employability and credibility compared to others. We will also refer you to our partnered companies and startups, however, We don’t guarantee a job as it eventually depends on your performance and skill during the interview.

2. How long is the course duration and fee details?

This is a 2 month Digital Marketing and Internship program with classes from Monday to Friday. The class duration will be anywhere between 1 hr – 1:30 hr depending upon the scheduled topic. You can get in touch for details regarding the fees.

3. What is the fee of a Digital marketing course with an internship? Can I pay in installments? What payments are available?

The actual course fee is Rs 30,000/- but we are currently providing an offer where you can avail  the course for just Rs 22,000/- in a single, one-time payment. You can pay us via Cash, Google Pay, Paytm, Account Transfer, Debit or Credit Card.

4. How about cancellation and refunds?

If you choose to cancel or drop out from the course, you can only do it within the first 3 days after enrolling into the program, after which no refund will be issued.

5. What if I miss a class or classes?

No worries, we can arrange backup classes for the missed sessions from the same trainer to cover up for course for you.

6. Will you provide course material?

Yes, The soft copy of the course material will be shared with you via Gmail. You can also watch our Free Digital Marketing Videos on our Youtube channel

Let us help you to build your career in Digital Marketing

Why Join this Course?

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digital marketing course with internship
Google Certification Support
digital marketing course with internship
Internship Certificate
Digital marketing course
Digital Brolly Certificate
Digital marketing course with internship
Post training support from experts
Digital marketing course with internship in Hyderabad
Mock Interviews

Here is why you should join our Digital Marketing course with an internship program.

    • Live projects
    • Free demo
    • Practical Demonstratio
    • Real-Time Project Exposure
    • One time payment with 1 year access.
    • Free Soft material Provided.
    • Topic PPTs will be shared
    • Brolly Training Certificate.
    • Google Certification Support.
    • Special Job oriented Sessions.
    • Free Interview preparation classes.
    • Mock Interviews.
    • Internships for Selective/well performing students.
    • 100% Job Support.
    • Experience Certificate as per candidature.
    • Free Backup Classes

Internship Description

We believe Digital Brolly in Hyderabad is the right platform for an Internship program in Digital marketing. With our country evolving digitally, There are more than 1 lakh new job openings in Digital marketing every year.

This internship focuses on Live and Real Time Projects which give you the exact work experience exposure you need that is very rarely offered by other institutes. With an internship at Brolly, your chances of getting hired are high as more priority will be given to your work experience and skills.

Our Digital Marketing Course with Internship covers both, business and Job Aspects. This course includes all the 30 modules, and 225 topics as mentioned in our Curriculum.

We don’t just restrict ourselves to Digital marketing training but also give you Digital Marketing Projects.

We will also help you create a perfect resume, conduct mock interviews and discuss interview questions during the class. We will also refer your profile to the companies that we have partnered with to improve your chances of getting hired.

After the completion of the Internship for 2 months, you will be given an Experience Certificate for your work with Brolly.

Call +91 96 96 96 3446 for more details on our Digital Marketing Course with Internship program.

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Who can Attend?

  1. Here is the list of people that can attend our Digital Marketing course with an internship program.
    1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants
    2. Traditional Marketing Professionals
    3. Bloggers
    4. Small Business Owners can improve the ROI for your business
    5. Web Developers and Content Writers
    6. Job Seekers, people looking for a job in Digital Marketing
    7. Professionals that want to learn Digital Marketing for a job change
    8. Students can learn digital and start earning online using Digital Marketing
    9. Sales professionals can accelerate your career leaning Digital Marketing
    10. People looking to generate a secondary source of income
    11. Public Relations Manager or a Brand Managers

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Reasons - Why you should join our Digital Marketing course with Internship?

Practical knowledge

You can excel at digital marketing only when you practice the given techniques and we at Digital Brolly give you an opportunity to do that. Our internship program will get you the hands-on experience regarding various scenarios and real time that pose marketing challenges. The needs of the marketing change as per the business needs, location, industry etc and we train you well enough to handle that. Digital Marketing is a course that can only be learnt diligently via practical methods. You will get support and assistance from our Digital Brolly team while working on live projects. We assure to make the training interesting and exciting for our students.

Your confidence improves only with practical knowledge and skills. The many modules in Digital marketing give you the opportunity to specialize in the technique that best suits your interest. Throughout the course of the training, we will observe and analyze each student’s performance and help them excel in the technique of their choice. This not only benefits your skillset but also imbibes a sense of confidence is required as a Digital Marketer.

Confidence that a Digital Marketer needs

Boost your Digital Marketing Resume with your internship experience

Working as an intern at Digital Brolly will improve your chances of getting hired by the best companies in Hyderabad. It will also add credibility to your resume giving it a professional appeal and it is a known fact that most of the companies prefer candidates with prior experience.


You will learn many things by making mistakes and learning under the supervision of our experts will really hone your skills. You can explore by practicing the techniques during the internship .

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”― Richard Branson.

Failing helps you to become a better professional and forces you to think out of the box which is a key attribute to a Digital Marketer.

Individual student attention

Boost your communication -

Enhance your communication skills while working as an intern. You will learn how to interact with your colleagues, the terminologies included and much more through your training. This will give you a fresh perspective, simultaneously building your communication skills.

You will understand the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer and its specializations. The “what, when, how” will be addressed along with the conditions of the market. We will familiarize you with the responsibilities of each role in digital marketing and train you accordingly.

Understanding and Responsibilities


 If you are a college student or fresher, an internship is very important to get a job from a reputed company. Starting with an internship is a beneficial way for starting a great career 

Increase your professional network, and contact with professionals, as it will help you in the competitive job market.

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