Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2023

Google Ads plays an important role in Digital Marketing. In this blog Free Google Adwords Tutorial you can learn what is Google Ads and how they are useful. And also given detailed information about how to run a Google search Ad campaign.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads

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Google Ads are Google online advertising platform where advertisers have to pay to display their Ads on Google Search Engine Results Page and other Google partner websites. It is also known as Paid Ads.

How Google Ads work?

Google Ads  work like an Auction system, it works when the user carries a keyword research. Quality score and Bidding decides the position of an Ad in Search Engine Results Page.

Google Ads Networks

 Google Ads has 2 Networks:

1. Search Network: It shows ads on Google search engine results page (SERP), Google Maps, Google play and some other Google search related networks.

2. Display Network: It displays ads on  Google sites like Youtube, Gmail and other third party sites of Google.

Google Adwords Tutorial - Types of Google Ads

 There are different types of Google Ads:

1. Text Ads: Ads appear on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These text ads are used to promote products or services by advertisers.

2. Text Ads with Extension: It displays ads with extra details like address and phone number etc. Text Ads with Extension is also called as (ETAs) Expanded text Ads. In this Ad you can write three headlines and two descriptions.

3. Responsive Ads: Ads  display according to the screen size of laptop, mobile etc. And in these responsive Ads you can write up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions which results in better reach allowing A/B testing which saves time by not creating separate ads. Google will try different types of compilations/combinations of provided headlines and descriptions which is unique and relevant to query. Out of all the provided google will choose 3 headlines and 2 descriptions to show different combinations of ad.

                               a. Responsive Search

                               b. Responsive Display

4. Showcase Shopping Ads: It appears when a user searches for any product. These advertisements differ from the product ads and have less reach but the bonus point is that the audience is targeted as these will be shown to a user for a particular thing like sofas.

5. Image Ads: Ads appear in the form of images in 3rd party sites. These run on google display network which means you can target where they visit frequently. These image ads are also known as display ads.

6. Video Ads: It shows ads in YouTube and other video platforms. Video ads are the best option for you if you have the budget. These ads have high Return on investment (ROI).

Ex- skippable, non-skippable, bumper and discovery ads.

7. App Promotion Ads: These ads are used to promote mobile apps. As we can understand this ad is for promotion of apps for installations. These ads can run on google play store, google search, display network, google discover and on YouTube as well.

8. Call only Ads: It is used to add a mobile number, whenever a user clicks it connects the call. For this ad also you can add headline and description.

9. Rich Media Ads: Rich media ads are the ads beyond text where a user can interact and engage.

It contains both image ads and video ads ex- Gif ads. 

10. Dynamic Search Ads: Dynamic Search Ad is a automated ad that can be generated from your website’s content but the condition is the website should be developed and have different products with relevant content. This Ad helps your business by showing relevant of a product or service offered by your website. As this ad is automated control over the ad is less. If you offer single category of products you can these to google product feed for creating ads like these.

11. Product Shopping Ads: Product Shopping Ads show ads for a particular product which are on sale. All these product related information is collected from Google merchant product feed which you provide these ad will be working google shopping, search partner website at the top of the search results page.

Google Ad Extensions


1. Structured Snippet Extension: It highlights your product or service by additional information. 

Each snippet contains header and some other features to highlight. They mainly increase ad performance by giving more options for people to click.

2. Site Link Extension: It displays extra links below Title, URL and Description. For one ad you can add up to 4 additional links. 

The use of this site link is when someone clicks or taps on your links then it redirects to the information what they are looking for. 

3. Call Out  Extension: It allows you to add additional text. You can add extensions like 1 day offer, Free shipping, Easy return option, 24 hours service etc. It gives detailed information of your business when users click on these extensions.

4. Location Extension: Helps businesses to  show their address, mobile number and map location. It shows directions to customers through a map to reach the location.

5. Call Extension: It allows you to add your mobile number. By using this call extension customers directly make a call to your business for detailed information about your products or services.

6. Mobile App Extension: It allows you to link your mobile or tablet app from your text ads. People may clock either on your headline or on the link to your app. 

Adding app extension is advantageous because the user experiences both the website and app with a single ad.

7. Price Extension: It shows the price of the product or service. (Ecommerce). It is present below your text ad on desktop and mobile. It gives the details about your business offers.

8. Promotion Extension: It shows below the ad and it is an easy to read format that attracts your potential customers. Promotion extension shows your offers in mobile and desktop formats. It is used to attract customers that are searching for special offers related to your business.

Cost Models

CPM: Cost per 1000 Impressions.

VCPM: Viewable Cost per 1000 Impressions.

CPC: Cost per each click.

CPV: Cost per View.

CPA: Cost per Acquisition

Important terms in Google Ads

Impression: Number of times Ad appeared.

Clicks: Number of clicks an ad received.

CTR (Click Through Rate): (No of clicks/ No of impressions) * 100.

Cost: Total amount spent for a campaign.

Conversions: Number of times you reached your goal/ objective.

Conversion value: The value of each conversion * total number of      conversions.

Cost/Conversion: Total cost/ Total number of conversions.

Conversion rate: (No of conversions/ No of clicks)*100.

Conversion value/ cost: Conversion value/ total cost.

Types of Keywords in Google Ads


1. Broad Match: It increases your reach by triggering the ad even if it contains misspellings, singular or plural forms, synonyms.

It is used to reach a large number of audiences. Large number of people search for broad matches because of their nature. 

Broad match keywords are the most used type by users whenever searching on Google for a part keywords.

2. Broad Match Modifier + : You have to add + sign before the keyword. It represents that the keyword should be a part of the search query.

This modifier allows your keyword to match with a wide range of probable keywords.

3. Phrase Match “ “: Ad appears when a user searches exact targeted phrases or with close variations.

Phrase matches are more chosen than broad match keywords but less when it comes to exact match. This keyword is widely used to get more traffic to your website.

4. Exact Match ( ): These appear when the user searches for exact search queries. These are exactly opposite to broad match keywords. 

Close variants of exact match keywords help you to connect with people who are looking for your business.

By using exact matches your ads appear when the meaning of user search  matches the meaning of your keyword.

5. Negative Keywords – : It prevents displaying your ads whenever users search for specific keywords. 

Negative keywords are special keywords that are included in the list of keywords which are used to filter out the unwanted visitor traffic you might get, hence the ads are invisible for the users who are searching for specific keywords


Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ad Campaigns ​


1. Search Campaign:

It shows ads in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), whenever a user searches for relevant keywords of your site for any product or service. It increases your site traffic, leads and conversions.

Mainly used to find potential customers with the right set of target keywords. Here ads will be visible to people whenever they are searching for any product or service.

2. Display Campaign:

These ads appear on Google display network. It is also called banner ads. Display ads can appear in many different sizes and formats on different websites. Mainly used for brand awareness.

Display ads are visible on the Articles, videos and websites while browsing. In this you have a targeting option. Select different topics, demographics, different audiences etc.

Display ads are mainly used to create brand awareness.

3. Search with Display opt-In:

These campaigns display your ad in both search and display networks.  It shows text ads on search engine results pages and also shows relevant websites on display networks.

It has 2 advantages: reaching potential customers and at the same time used to create brand awareness.

4.Video Campaign:

Video campaigns allow your ads to display on Google video partner platforms like YouTube etc.

Ex- skippable ads, Non-skippable ads, Discovery ads, Bumper ads etc.

Video campaigns are used for better reach and engagement.

5. Shopping Campaign:

It gives detailed information about your product to users and displays your product image, price, brand etc for more clicks and conversions. 

Shopping campaigns help local stores to drive more traffic to their website. Shopping ads appear on search engine results pages and other Google search sites.

6. Universal App Campaign:  

It is used to promote your mobile apps. It promotes your apps across search, display and video networks.

With app campaigns your ads and bids are adjusted automatically to get more app downloads.

Here ad requires text, starting bid, budget, language settings and geographic location to your ad.

It checks the different combinations and displays the best performing one.

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Search Ads from Basic to Advanced

Search Ads- Ads will appear on Search Engine Results Page and other Google partner search sites, it happens when people search for keywords relevant to your site. These Ads mainly run to increase traffic, conversions and sales.

Here I can explain how search ads work and why they are so powerful.

Let me explain with you an example: suppose I’m searching for “Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad” in Google Search.

Here Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad is my keyword

Digital marketing course in Hyderabad

People type  keywords in Google search bar and Google shows the search results.

According to my search Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad it shows the below results.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Look closely it shows Ad in the front of the URL. It means that someone paid to appear here on the first page of Google when someone types the Digital Marketing course in the Hyderabad keyword.

Ad before URL

In the search engine results page  2 and 3 results also showing ads, they are also paying to show their ad for the same keyword.

Below the Ad results there are websites shown number wise that are called organic search results, they didn’t pay to appear on the search results. Google thinks the keyword is more relevant and shows this website organically.


What happens if someone clicks on Ad

When I click the Ad then I can land on the website of any product or service. Suppose if I like it, then I can buy or use their service. But for the advertiser who put the Ad here they will have to pay for my click.

For each click they have to pay some amount which was fixed previously in Google ad campaign. The amount depends on what they are bidding and also depends on Google requirements.

Suppose If an advertiser spends 100 INR for each click on a Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad keyword. For 100 clicks he spends 10k. In these 100 clicks one of those people showed interest and joined the course by paying fees of 20k.  For 100 clicks they will pay 10k INR to Google and the remaining 10K INR is their profit. 

Here the profit margin is 10K, that’s how you can do good paid and profitable advertising on Google. Make sure you have to sell good products and offer good services so that you can get more conversions with less clicks.

Advantages of Google Ads

With the help of Google Ads we can reach our potential customers whenever they are searching for relevant keywords. By doing this our ad is visible to them based on the keyword.

According to the buyer’s intent of the specific keyword the ad displayed.

It targets the people with the right ad at the right place at the right time.

You can analyze the campaign by pause and play option and make changes in budget and other settings.

How to create a paid search ad campaign

At first, type Google Ads on Google search bar and then click on Google Ads official site.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021
Signin image

After signing in you can redirect to a page which asks about your advertising goal, but don’t click on it and go down here you can find the Switch to Expert Mode option, click on it.

Switch to expert mode image

According to your business objective, select one option from Sales, Leads, Website traffic, Product and Brand consideration, Brand awareness and reach, App promotion etc. 

Goal selection image 1

For example, here I am  selecting Leads because I want to get more leads for my business. If your business requirement is sales then select sales and run campaigns.

After selecting the Leads option it redirects to select campaign type, here iam selecting a search campaign for my business.

Types of campaign image
Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

It asks to select the ways you’d like to reach your goal, select one according to your business needs.

Create Conversion action: To know how many leads you’re getting from your ad one should create conversion action. Google tracks and show your list of leads. 

Click on Continue.

Conversion action image

Ad Campaign will be created by 4 major steps:

  1. Select campaign settings
  2. Set up ad groups
  3. Create ads
  4. Set up billing

Step-1 Select campaign settings

Campaign Name- Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021


  • Search Network-  If you want to appear your Ad in other search partners then tick on it, or else if you want your ad only on Google then untick it.

  • Display Network: If you want your Ad both on search and display networks then tick this or else if you want your Ad only on Google search results then untick it.

Hide more settings: These are additional settings like

  •  Start and end dates
  • Campaign URL options
  • Dynamic search ads settings
  • Ad schedule

These are optional and not mandatory to select.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021


Select locations to target,

  • All countries and territories
  • India-default
  • Enter another location.
Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

If you are from India it shows by default India, here if you want to show your Ad for entire India then go to search and select a particular city.

For example if you want to show your Ad in Hyderabad then search Hyderabad it shows Hyderabad, Telangana, India city click on it and it is added.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Like this you can add multiple locations, your Ad will be visible only on that selected locations.


This radius is used to select a particular area in the city. For example if you want to show your Ad only in KPHB area then search for KPHB Hyderabad and select it. Like this you can select multiple locations in the city and also adjust the miles/kilometers too according to your location and then save it.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

This selection of radius is mainly useful for local businesses like restaurants, pharmacies, spas etc.

Location options




  • People in, or who show interest in your target location- default.
  • People in your target location.
  • People searching for your target locations.

According to your Ad campaign you can select one option, It is always better to select the first option because 2 options are included in it.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Exclude:  Select one option

  • People in, or who show interest in your excluded location- default.
  • People in your excluded  location.



There are so many language options available including regional languages too.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021


Based on your campaign type you can select your audience.

  • Demographics like gender, age, education, company etc.
  • Remarketing
Audience image

Budget and bidding

Budget-  Enter the average you want to spend on each day.

For example if you add 100 rs per day for a total 3000 per month.

It doesn’t spend 100 each day, it may cut below 100 or above 100 each day.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

 Delivery Method- select one option


  1. Standard- It displays Ads throughout the day.
  2. Accelerated- Within hours the budget is completed and Ad doesn’t appear for that day. It is mainly used for one day campaigns.


It asks what you want to focus on- Clicks


Bidding image


Max CPC bid limit  10  (we don’t know how much your competitors bid so If you want your ad to compete with competitors then leave it to google). It is called automatic bidding.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Explanation- Here your daily budget is 100 rs.

Suppose we will keep a max CPC per day of 10.

Then for our budget daily clicks is 10.

Day-1  if we get only 5 clicks then it cuts only 50 rs.

Day-2 10 clicks then it cut 100 rs.

Day-3  15 clicks then it cuts 150 rs.

So like this it cuts the amount based on the number of clicks we get each day. But it does not exceed our monthly budget limit.

Note – These budget amounts are mentioned for an example. You can select your own budget according to your business campaign.

Ad Extensions

  • Sitelink extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Call extensions
Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

If you want to add any additional information to your Ad then select these options.

After completing all these steps click on save and continue.

Step-2 Set up ad Groups

Ad group-1 

Ad group name-  Digital Marketing Training in KPHB

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Here add some relevant keywords 

Ex- Digital Marketing course in KPHB

      Digital Marketing institutes in KPHB

      Best digital marketing institute in KPHB

It shows the keyword ideas option, you can click and check for relevant keywords here. Always prefer keyword tools to check the volume and CPC (cost per click) of the keyword.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Ad group-2

Ad group name- SEO training in Hyderabad

Same here too, add some relevant keywords

Ex- SEO institutes in Hyderabad

      Best SEO training in Hyderabad

      SEO course in Hyderabad

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

The keywords should be in the phrase match ex-“SEO institutes in Hyderabad”) for most of the cases. If you want to then add an exact match keyword also ex- SEO course in Hyderabad.

After completing, click on Save and continue.

2 Ad groups are not mandatory, you can create one or multiple Ad groups.

Step-3 Create Ads

create ads image 1
Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Final URL-

Display path- You can add any keywords here, it shows beside your ad.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021




Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021


Description 1 – Write creative description by using relevant keywords. Character limit is 90. Description 2 – Same as above.

After completing all the details check the preview for both mobile and desktop. And finally click on Done.

Create Ad 2 –  SEO Training in Hyderabad

Final URL-




Display path- You can add any keywords here, it shows beside your ad.

Description 1 – Write creative description by using relevant keywords. Character limit is 90.

Description 2 – Same as above.

Check the preview of the Ad and click on Done.

Click on  Save and Continue.

Step- 4 Set up billing

After completing all the processes, the final process is billing.

We have to fill in the following details for the payment process.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021
Billing image 2
Free Google Adwords Tutorial - Google Ads Types & Process 2021

Now the ad will go to google team for review. The Google team checks whether the ad is under Google policies or not, later they approve the ad.

Above data is for explaining the process, you can add all the information according to your type of campaign.

Now you can create your own videos very easily by using Invideo tool with lot of variety templates. Check it out and play around with Invideo.

Free Google Adwords Tutorial - FAQ's

Google Ads is an online advertising platform started by Google. In this platform you can create online ads to reach people when they are searching for relevant products or services.

Google Ads work on many factors such as Auction, Quality score, Bidding and Ad rank.You have to optimize your Quality score and bid amount. Better your Quality score and bid amount, better would be your Ad positioning.

Google offers a Google AdSense account. It is a free account   and you can connect with this account, it displays Google Ads on your result pages. Suppose if anyone clicks on the Ad which is displayed on your page then Google shares Ad revenue with you.

It depends on many factors like type of your business, your competitors, location, your expected leads and sales for month etc. If you don’t know how much your competitors are bidding then you can select automatic bidding. Google will analyze your competitors’ bidding and spend accordingly.

Here Google ads are a bit higher than Facebook Ads. Google Ads display the Ads when a user searches for a particular keyword. The user’s intention to search for keywords is ready to buy a product or use a service. 

Facebook Ads are mostly for brand awareness. The users check the product and brand but they are not immediate buyers.

Your money is wasted if you don’t plan your strategies properly and if your keywords are not relevant. It results in more clicks and less conversions.

Google Ads is an instant process. You can get results like traffic, conversions and sales immediately. While SEO is  a time taking process and it  shows organic results. SEO is good for the long run.

Google Ads appear in 2 Networks:

  1. Search Network: It shows ads in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and other Google search partner sites.
  2. Display Network: It displays Ads in Google adsense and Video sites like Yotube.

No, running Ads in Google is not for free. It is a paid advertising platform. You can create a free account by signing up on Google Ads. But you have to spend a minimum to maximum amount to run an Ad. It mainly depends on the type of your business.

  • For Instant traffic.
  • Better ROI (Return On Investments).
  • Increases leads and sales.
  • Fast results.

Answer is Yes, Google Ads are always worth getting quick and fast results. Small businesses are benefited by using Google ads.

It gains Brand awareness  on short period of time, 

        Gets instant Traffic and leads.

        Your product or service will be more visible.

Yes, you can delete your Google ads account at any time. After deleting an account all your ads can stop running within 24 hours and they are not visible to anyone on Google.

Yes, you can run Google Ads without a website. Google offers Google Express platform, here you can create and run ads without a website.

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