Affiliate Marketing Course in Hyderabad

1 Month Money Proof Real Money Making Examples Live Project Rs. 12000/-
Earn Money Online

Enroll in our Affiliate Marketing course in Hyderabad to learn how to earn money online by becoming an affiliate.

Live Money Making Proof’s
We will show you the live accounts that are making money for us and help you replicate the same.
After Course Support

Earning Money from Affiliate Marketing is not a 1 month or 1-day thing, so we will support you even after the course period.

1.Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
2.How Affiliate Marketing Works?
3.Earning Money from Affiliate Marketing.
4.Affiliate Marketing Networks.
5.Affiliate Marketing Niches research
6.Affiliate Marketing execution & Tips
7.Affiliate Marketing Tools.
8.Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate Marketing.
9.Live Case Studies.
10.Amazon Affiliate Network – Physical Products – India & US
11.Impact Affiliate Network – Digital Products & Services
12.Admitad Affiliate Network
13.Other Popular Affiliate Networks – Click bank, JVZoo, Commission Junction


Affiliate Marketing Course in Hyderabad Details

About Course

Our Affiliate Marketing course in Hyderabad will train you on successful marketing strategies that will help you earn money from different affiliate networks, we will demonstrate how to sign-up for an affiliate program and get approved from them. You will learn amazing new ways to generate traffic to your website. Converting the traffic to sales is very important for which we will guide you to create a winning landing page.

Picking the right niche is the first important step in affiliate marketing. This Affiliate Marketing course in Hyderabad will help you pick the best suited and most profitable niche. Although we don’t guarantee your income, we will show you many affiliate networks that are easy for beginners and help you earn some money even with little effort.

You will get a good idea on the world’s top affiliate marketing tools that will help you identify, analyse and execute the strategies that you learn in our affiliate marketing training program.

Affiliate Marketing course in Hyderabad covers all the major affiliate networks that give more than 50% in commission or pays high commissions in Dollars (USD) for each sale.

  • Quality Course content- Latest technology-based update course content by expert
  • Certified Professional- Working Professional with the latest trends and strategies.
  • Learn with Case Studies- Several Case studies to make you an experienced professional.
  • In-depth concepts- conceptual theory to make practical learning very strong.
  • 100% Practical knowledge- 100% genuine practical learning on live projects by professionals.

New Batches

Course Fee12000 Rs
Course Duration1 Month
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Course – Training ModesOnline & Classroom
Next Batch Date8th March 2021 @ 11 AM


We will teach you all the required affiliate marketing techniques needed for your success. Not just the course training, you are also getting real-time experience from our money making experts. Even though we don’t guarantee you any money, we can support and offer the help required until you make money online. You can also attend our SEO Training to learn how to get free traffic.

This is a 1-month course, it is a weekday course running from Monday to Friday. The class duration each day will be between 1 hr – 1:30 hr depending upon the topic for the day.

The actual course fee is Rs 15000, but we are running an inauguration offer and giving the course for just Rs 12000. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 12000 should be made in a single instalment. You can pay us by Cash, Google Pay, PayTm, Account Transfer or any Debit or Credit Card.
You can raise course cancellation requests in 3 classes upon the start of the batch, your payment will be refunded 100%. But after 3rd class of starting a batch, your amount will not be refunded.

No worries, If you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you. We also have videos on our Digital Brolly YouTube channel to help you out on the missed topics.

Yes, The soft copy of the digital marketing course in Hyderabad’s material will be shared with you through Google Drive.

We offer a Digital Marketing Video Course for just 999 Rs. Which will contain video sessions. You can also watch our videos on our Youtube Channel for free of cost.

Let us help you make money online

Why this Course?

  • At our institute we help you to Earn money online by practical real time examples.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a new career option. You can build a new career using this course
  • This training is best suited to people that look to Earn passive income
  • Single source of income is not sufficient, we will help you to generate multiple sources of money making
  • We give away a Free soft copy PDF of the affiliate marketing course material.
  • Unlike other institutes we will give you real-time awareness on money making techniques
  • Our trainers do Affiliate marketing. They will show you live money making tips with income proofs.
  • Missed a class, no problem free backups classes available upon mutual availability


The next few years are expected to be excellent for earning income using affiliate programs. With the entry of more companies in the market, new technologies, there is a future with more offer, more competition, and, above all, more money.

The trend is that every day more bloggers and publishers take advantage of the opportunity to obtain economic benefits from their traffic through this type of offer.

So this is the right time to start with these offers if you have not already done so, and if you already work, this is the ideal time to take leverage that allows you to grow and improve in the business.

Our Affiliate Marketing Training program is the best course available in the city. We will provide classes on the real-time context that will make money for you. 

This program not only covers the Affiliate Marketing strategies but also help you execute them all with your own hands so you can work yourself even after the course. 

If you still have questions regarding affiliate marketing you can approach even after your course duration.

Our Affiliate Marketing course in Hyderabad covers both the merchant and affiliate ways so you make money as an Affiliate or by publishing your products to the Affiliates.

No idea what this Affiliate Marketing is all about?

Affiliate marketing is a process where one earns income through the commission provided by a company, every time a sale is generated by means of your promotion of their product or service. Find a product you like, promote it and earn. As simple as that.

Hundreds and thousands of companies online provide this option to become affiliates for their product and sell their product. Because they have nothing to lose. It is like revenue sharing, where a percentage for the amount that the product is sold at is shared to the affiliate that generated the sale/revenue for the coming.

I know you have a question now.

How does the company know that the sale has happened through me?

Companies track the sales via link and get the track of people, visiting their website and buying their products through your end. 

Each affiliate will be given their own individual id and a link that contains this id. Now the company can easily track a visitor who came into their website, if a user visits the company’s website and purchases the product.

The tracking system will identify that it is your link that brought him to the website and you will be rewarded/get commission if the user purchases the product.

The basic idea behind it is you promote the company’s product/service, if the potential customer gets attracted to your promotions and is convinced to buy the product, BINGO!!! You’ve earned the commission.

You should have good idea about digital marketing to get traffic and earn money from Affiliate Marketing. So we suggest you attend our Digital Marketing course to be more successful on Affiliate Marketing.

Do you have other ideas? Just want to create a YouTube channel and promote your affiliate products then you can attend our YouTube Training Program.

Or You can attend our SEO Training to generate high quality organic traffic to your website and earn some commissions.

Let us help you to build your career on Digital Marketing

Who can Attend this Digital Marketing Course?

  1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants
  2. Traditional Marketing Professionals
  3. Blogging Enthusiasts or Bloggers
  4. Small Business Owners can improve the ROI for your business
  5. Web Developers and Content Writers
  6. Professionals that want to learn Digital Marketing for extra income
  7. Students can learn digital and start earning online using our Affiliate Marketing course
  8. People looking to generate a secondary source of income

Affiliate Marketing Career

All freshers and students who want to make an income with zero investment affiliate marketing is best for you. Learn the process of partnering as an affiliate with big companies like amazon, Click bank ,JVZoo, Commission junction.

This is a sustainable way to earn money with less efforts. Keep your performance working better with our experts’ guidance from live cases. 

You can work in different parts in affiliate marketing courses. It is easy for you to start as affiliate marketer

  • Find a niche which you are interested in 
  • Create content accordingly 
  • Make a website for a particular niche 
  • Monetize your website 
  • Study backlink techniques
  • Analyze the website performance 
  • Create one website with different niche affiliation pages 

Learn step by step how to create  a page for a niche. Study the commission offered from websites and compare. Then start working for it. You will get to which niche is easy to target and rank.Digital Brolly also teaches you the rules and regulations of the brands without knowing that you may lose your affiliate account.