Youtube Course training in Hyderabad

Class Room Online Recorded Video Course (New) 1 Month 10000 Rs


Make Money From YouTube in 2020

Youtube Course training in Hyderabad  with best Methods and strategies for Making money using YouTube Channel

YouTube Video & Channel Creation

Choose a topic & create videos in less time & budget making use of Youtube Creator Studio and the right way to start a channel

Video Optimization – Video SEO

Growing channel from 0 views & 0 subscribers to first 100 subscribers using video optimization Techniques

Youtube Course training in Hyderabad – Curriculum

  1. Youtube History – How it all started?
  2. Top Youtube Earners – How much do they Earn?
  3. How a complete beginner can make a living out of Youtube?
  4. How can you generate income every month?
  5. Mindset and Skills Required For Success in YouTube.
  6. Best proven Methods in Making money from YouTube – No one else is teaching.
  7. How to choose a topic for your youtube channel?
  8. How to start a YouTube channel the right way?
  9. Making most out of Youtube Creator Studio.
  10. How to grow from 0 views & 0 subscribers to first 100 subscribes?
  11. Creating videos in short span & low budget.
  12. Building your brand on YouTube.
  13. Youtube Ranking factors for 2018 and Beyond.
  14. Design Skills required for your YouTube journey
  15. Softwares & Tools need & how to use them.
  16. Possible Ways of Earning from your YouTube Channel.
  17. Secret Ranking Tactics – Not taught anywhere else.
  18. Using Youtube Analytics to improve overall performance.
  19. Customer Engagement Strategies.
  20. Everything you need to know about Copyright content & Spam.
  21. Summarising the key points of the course
Youtube Course Training in Hyderabad

New Batches

Duration1 Month
Fee10000 Rs
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Training ModesClassRoom / Online
Next Batch23rd Dec 2019



About Youtube Course training in Hyderabad

1000’s of video creators with Lakhs of channels Make Money From YouTube in Crores, when they can do it. You can do it too with the help of Youtube Course training in Hyderabad. In this Make Money From YouTube course, we train you to create a new source of money on YouTube by helping you to identify the niche that you are passionate about and that is profitable.

Once we pick the right niche, we guide you to create videos in the niche. It is not difficult to create videos as everyone assumed. We teach you the easiest ways to create videos using free software available and the YouTube’s creator studio.

We teach you to create a channel for the video to upload and show you the right way of uploading a video to the channel. Monetizing the channel is the main part of Earning Money from YouTube. We guide you in getting the first 10,000 views quickly and show the process of getting an Adsense account to Monetize your channel.

There are different ways by which you can Earn Money from Youtube; we shall give you a walkthrough of all the possible ways of making money from your channel starting from Adsense, Affiliate income from Affiliate programs, Sponsored videos, Merchandising and other advanced ways of making Money from YouTube. So enroll now to Youtube Course training in Hyderabad

Why Youtube Course training in Hyderabad

This course is a great place to learn ways to earn money from YouTube for someone who has never had a YouTube channel as well as someone who has one. You learn the cutting edge strategies to increase YouTube video views, Channel subscriptions, and ways to optimize videos so that you can earn money from YouTube views using Adsense other ways to monetize videos.

You get to see the best practices adopted by the most successful YouTubers earning in hundreds of thousands from YouTube. This course teaches you the best strategies to be followed to get ahead of our competition and the real-time case studies from real channels making money as well, and complete idea of the best way to go forward with your channel.

YouTube Marketing or the video Marketing has become widely popular among business to promote their products and services that encourage video creators to create more videos promoting others products and generate income through sponsorship’s, Views, Affiliate commissions.

If you are looking for more information on How To Earn Money From YouTube you can read our blog article on the same.


How do I make money from YouTube?

This is what you get to learn from this course. There are multiple ways you can make money from YouTube. To get an idea of all the possible ways you can attend one of our demo sessions.

Youtube Course training in Hyderabad duration and fee details?

This a 2 week course, it is a weekday course running from Monday to Friday. The class duration each day will be between 1hr – 1:30Hr depending upon the topic for the day.

What is course Fee? Can I pay in Installments? What payments are available?

The actual course fee is Rs 8000, but we are running an inauguration offer and giving the course for just Rs 5000. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 5000 should be made in single installment. If you want to pay in installments, you can pay in 2 installments Rs 4000 each. For now we only accept cash payments. We will be opening up online payments, Payment by Credit Card, Debit card, Paytm in the near future.

How about cancellation and Refunds?

You can raise course cancellation request in 3 classes upon start of the bacth, your payment will be refunded 100%. But after 3rd class of starting a batch, your amount will not be refunded.

What if I miss a class or classes?

No worries, If you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

Will you provide course material?

Yes, The soft copy of the course material will be shared with you through Google Drive.

Do you guarantee that i can make money after completing this course?

We don’t work for you. We teach you the best followed practices and share the proven strategies that worked for many. So you will likely earn if you follow the instruction given in class. But we don’t give you any guarantee of your success in making money from Youtube. It depends on your ability to execute the skills.

Who can Attend our Youtube Course training in Hyderabad?

  1. People who wants to earn money online
  2. People who wants to Earn a passive income every month
  3. People who wants to start a new business with low investment
  4. Beginners that are just starting their YouTube channel
  5. YouTubers who wants to increase their channels revenue
  6. People who wants to generate a secondary source of income
  7. SEO, SMM and others Experts who are interesting in YouTube Marketing
  8. Companies who wants to know everything about YouTube channel growth
  9. Bloggers who want to take advantage of Youtube to promote their blog
  10. Social Media Marketing Managers to add a skill to their resume
  11. Public Relations Manager or a Brand Manager

Youtube Course training in Hyderabad – Modules

1.Video Creation

2.Video SEO – Getting Traffic

3.Video Monetization – Converting Traffic into money.

Video Creation/Content Creation

  • How To Find Topics For YouTube Videos
  • How to Get Content For your Youtube Channel
  • Creating videos in less time & less budget
  • Different types of videos
  • Structuring your videos
  • Where to find Free Music & Videos for your Videos
  • How To Edit Free Videos And Make a Completely New Film
  • Advanced Editing – Make Professional Looking Videos!
  • Creating Videos with out Filming

Youtube Video SEO

  • Understanding the youtube algorithm
  • What youtube cares the most
  • Creating a Super Optimized YouTube Channel
  • Rank videos faster
  • Secrets to Rank Your Videos #1 on YouTube Search Results, easily!
  • Grow your Channel Fast
  • Competition Analysis

Video Monetization

  • Different Ways to make money from youtube.
  • How to Get your Adsense Account Approved
  • Youtube Monetization Changes