Youtube Course Training in Hyderabad

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Make Money From YouTube in 2021

YouTube Course training in Hyderabad follows the best methods and strategies for Making money via YouTube.

YouTube Video & Channel Creation

Choose a topic & create videos within the budget using YouTube Creator Studio by learning the right way to start a channel and make the best use of it.

Video Optimization – Video SEO

Grow from 0 views & subscribers to a 100 using video optimization Techniques.

  1. YouTube Marketing Introduction.
  2. Creating a Channel on YouTube.
  3. Different types of Videos.
  4. How to create different types of videos
  5. Screen Recording Tools
  6. Video Making Tools
  7. Video Editing tools
  8. How to Upload Videos to YouTube
  9. YouTube SEO Ranking Factors
  10. Keyword Research for YouTube
  11. YouTube Title, description, Tags optimisation
  12. How to design attractive thumbnails
  13. End Screens & cards
  14. How to use Playlists.
  15. YouTube SEO Tools for Ranking
  16. Understanding Copyrights and Spam.
  17. Making Money From YouTube
  18. YouTube Adsense Monetisation Tricks & Tips
  19. YouTube Partner Program YPP approval
  20. Revenue sources other than Adsense
  21. YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard.
  22. YouTube Analytics.
  23. YouTube comment moderation.
  24. YouTube channel Suspension, Policy Violation rules.
  25. YouTube History – How it all started?
  26. Top YouTube Earners – How much do they Earn?
  27. How can a complete beginner make a living out of YouTube?
  28. How can you generate income every month?
  29. Mindset and Skills Required For Success in YouTube.
  30. Best proven Methods in Making money from YouTube – No one else is teaching.
  31. How to choose a topic for your YouTube channel?
  32. How to start a YouTube channel the right way?
  33. Making most out of YouTube Creator Studio.
  34. How to grow from 0 views & 0 subscribers to first 100 subscribes?
  35. Creating videos in short span & low budget.
  36. Building your brand on YouTube.
  37. YouTube Ranking factors for 2020 and beyond.
  38. Design Skills required for your YouTube journey
  39. Software’s & Tools needed & how to use them.
  40. Possible Ways of Earning from your YouTube Channel.
  41. Secret Ranking Tactics – Not taught anywhere else.
  42. Using YouTube Analytics to improve overall performance.
  43. Customer Engagement Strategies.
  44. Everything you need to know about Copyright content & Spam.
  45. Summarising the key points of the course
YouTube Course Training in Hyderabad

About Course

Today, there are about 51 million youtube channels in the world and in recent times Youtube has become a great source of earning. It gives you the opportunity to exhibit your skills and get paid based on the output, strategies and quality of your video. It is, however, not everybody’s cup of tea and demands proper skills to actually make the best of it. Our YouTube Course training in Hyderabad will train you to create an additional source of income from YouTube by helping you to identify the niche that you are passionate about and its techniques.

Once we pick the right niche, we guide you to create videos in the easiest way possible within the niche. We teach you the effective ways of creating videos using free softwares along with YouTube’s creator studio.

Right from creating a YouTube channel to uploading it the right way, we cover everything. Monetizing the channel is the main part of Earning Money from YouTube and our expert trainers at Digital Brolly in Hyderabad will guide you in achieving that along with the process of getting an AdSense account to monetize your channel.

There are different ways of earning money from YouTube and this Youtube course training in Hyderabad will walk you through all the techniques and strategies of making money from a youtube channel using AdSense, Affiliate income from Affiliate programs, Sponsored videos, Merchandising and other advanced methods etc.

So enroll now to YouTube Course training in Hyderabad.

New Batches

Course FeeRs. 12,000
Course Duration1 Month
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Course – Training ModesOnline
Next Batch Date7th FEB 2022 at 10:00AM



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V.Monika Gupta
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Digital Marketing Course with Internship

Anusha Mishra

What do you call a team of passionate instructors thriving to achieve a common objective to bring world class curriculum to learners by simplifying it for even the novice: Digital Brolly!! If you are looking at learning without any fancy frills, please do visit them once to know why I recommend them strongly (a free demo class can be arranged for this) & if you are looking at fancy class rooms or low rates of course (for which you have atleast 100 options which teach only theory or have limited knowledge hence the charges or have Digital Marketing course as one of the courses) then this is not the place to be! They also ” assist” you with placements therefore look no further!☺
YouTube course training

Pandu Rangachary

I got quality of training in digital marketing…
Iam going to start my own digital marketing organisation with madan sir mentorship.
Iam very happy to share my experience.
Madan sir is very knowledgeable and friendly person and he clear my doubts in easy way for understanding.. and I feel madan sir is my mentor for my business.. thank you


Sanjay Neerla

5 Stars for * Perfect teacher student ratio * Individual attention for each student * Internship and placement assistance * Great case studies discussed * I am already enjoying the benefits of this course Digital Brolly is a great place to learn the concepts of Digital Marketing. Moreover Digital Brolly offers one year access to the lab facilities which is really great. Mr. Ravi Varma is an excellent trainer who is always ready to go the extra mile to help his students. Totally Recommend Digital Brolly

Social media Marketing course

Sunil Varma dandu

Digital Brolly is the best institute in Hyderabad for learning digital marketing courses from experienced trainers like Ravi Varma Sir and Madhan Sir. I’m glad that I joined Brolly. They offer real-time projects in the training so we can get good knowledge.


Vikash Kumar

Best digital marketing training institute in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Ravi Varma Sir is an asset to the institute. He explains each and every topic very clearly. They are also offering internships with live projects along with classroom sessions. Employees are very friendly and clear our doubts. Best recommended institute in Hyderabad.


Venkatesh P

It’s a great place to learn Digital Marketing, where I have gained real-time work experience. Along with classroom sessions, they are providing internships on live projects. The infrastructure is very well. Along with the internship, the lab session is pretty awesome, where you can clear all your doubts regarding any module. Thanks to team Brolly

Digital marketing course in Hyderabad

Srinu Pikki

Friendly environment to learn digital marketing courses and job oriented training classes with live projects. The way trainer Ravi sir teaches a class is nice. Digital Brolly is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn digital marketing courses with affordable fees.

YouTube course training

Pravallika muvva

Digital brolly is a good place to learn digital marketing . Here I liked the way of teaching.

Prassana Kumar

I did my digital marketing course from Digital Brolly. Really very good training for digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Faculty is well-experienced, their training methods are awesome. I strongly recommend Brolly, the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.
YouTube course training


After doing research on many training institutes in Hyderabad, I finally enrolled myself to DIGITAL BROLLY and it was a great experience learning Digital Marketing course here. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a career in Digital Marketing to enroll yourself in DIGITAL BROLLY. The mentors are really amazing. Thank you Avinash Sir, Ravi Varma Sir and Madhan Mohan Sir for your valuable guidance.

Digital marketing course

Md Saddam Hussain

Best training institute in Hyderabad. They offers internships with live projects. Also show placements after course completion.
YouTube course training

Hamdan Yafai

A great training option to learn Digital Marketing course, comprehensive and industry specific course. The trainer has vast experience and delivers with real time examples. Support staff is great as well.

Friendly environment to learn digital marketing from such dynamic as well as experienced personality Ravi Varma sir.


K Pavani

Good learning environment with live industries case studies. Having technical lab for practice with professional staff. Thanks for making me confident in the Digital Marketing subject and encouragement from all of you. I can tell that this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.
YouTube course training

Kavya Sripathi

They give individual attention and care to each student. One of the few Institutes that aren’t too commercial in their approach of teaching.

Indhu Mathi

Very positive and fun environment to learn digital marketing and English courses with practice. Actually both trainers are very good in teaching. I am attending Ravi Varma Sir’s class. If you get connected to Ravi Varma Sir’s teaching you don’t want to miss the class. This is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad you can get.


There are multiple ways of making money from YouTube and our Youtube course training in Hyderabad will train you with all the skills that you need to start your youtube journey.

This is a 1 month course that is conducted every week from Monday to Friday. The class duration will be anywhere between 1hr – 1 ½  hrs depending upon the scheduled topic for the day.

The actual course fee is Rs.25,000, but we are currently offering the youtube course training at just Rs.20,000. To avail the offer, an initial fee of Rs.12,000 must be paid in a single installment. We accept all kinds of online payments including, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm UPI, payment by Credit Card, Debit card.

You can only avail the refund within the first 3 days after which no refund can be issued.

We will arrange video recordings of the missed classes so you will have a complete and continuous training.  

Yes a copy of the material will be sent to you via gmail.

Everything takes time and youtube though interesting is a time-bearing process. The course will give you all the skills and knowledge and after the course it depends on your capability and competence to implement the skills in real life.

Let us help you make money from YouTube

Why this Course?

This course is a great way to learn about the different techniques and sources of earning money from YouTube for amateurs and people with basic knowledge of the same. You learn the cutting edge strategies to increase YouTube video views, channel subscriptions, and ways to optimize videos in a way that becomes a source of income from YouTube using AdSense and other ways to monetize videos.

You get to learn the best practices adopted by the most successful YouTubers on the platform. This course teaches you the best strategies to be followed to get ahead of our competition along with real-time case studies that can give you a complete idea of the course. YouTube Marketing or video Marketing has become widely popular among businesses to promote their products and services that encourage video creators to create more promotional videos along with paid sponsorships, views & Affiliate commissions.

If you are looking for more information on How To Earn Money From YouTube you can read our blog on the same.

Process of your channel creation in the Training

YouTube course training

Create Videos

YouTube course training

Edit Videos

YouTube course training

Optimize Videos

YouTube course training

Promote Videos

Course Modules

1.Video Creation

2.Video SEO – Getting Traffic

3.Video Monetization – Converting Traffic into money.

Video Creation/Content Creation

  • How To Find Topics For YouTube Videos
  • How to Get Content For your Youtube Channel
  • Creating videos in less time & less budget
  • Different types of videos
  • Structuring your videos
  • Where to find Free Music & Videos for your videos
  • How To Edit Free Videos And Make a Completely New Film
  • Advanced Editing – Make Professional Looking Videos!
  • Creating Videos with out Filming

YouTube Video SEO

  • Understanding the YouTube algorithm
  • What YouTube cares the most
  • Creating a Super Optimized YouTube Channel
  • Rank videos faster
  • Secrets to Rank Your Videos #1 on YouTube Search Results, easily!
  • Grow your Channel Fast
  • Competition Analysis

Video Monetization

  • Different Ways to make money from YouTube.
  • How to Get your AdSense Account Approved
  • YouTube Monetization Changes

Interested in Passive Income?
We will guide you to generate income on YouTube

Who can Attend this Course?

  1. People interested in vlogging
  2. People looking for an alternative source of passive income
  3. People who want to start a new business with low investment.
  4. Amateur YouTubers.
  5. YouTubers who are interested in monetizing their channels.
  6. Anybody who wants to learn a new course.
  7. People who want to generate a secondary source of income.
  8. SEO, SMM and other experts who are interested in YouTube Marketing.
  9. Startup companies
  10. Social Media Marketing Managers
  11. Public Relations Manager or a Brand Manager

Some amazing facts about YouTube

  • First Video YouTube Was Uploaded On 23 April 2005.
  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google.
  • No users on YouTube – 2.6 billion
  • 300 Hours Of Video Content Is Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute!
  • People watch around 5 billion videos a day.
  • The number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 40% year on year.
  • YouTube has 30 million traffic of users everyday
  • Out Of 10 6 People Prefer Online Video Platforms To Live TV
  • Watch time On YouTube Each Month – 3.25 Billion.
  • 80% Of YouTube’s traffic comes from Outside Of The U.S.
  • India has over 467 million users on Youtube
  • The Average Number Of Mobile YouTube Video Views Per Day Is 1,000,000,000
  • YouTube has More than 70% Views Come From Mobile Devices.
  • 84% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.

Advantages of YouTube in Digital Marketing

With the assistance of YouTube one can target a larger audience trying to find a certain service, product. The domain traffic can easily be increased  by presenting and marketing the products in an interesting manner. 

Precise Targeting 

Target your traffic strategically according to the demographics by adjusting location, language, device and other additional options to run a successful campaign.

Easy content 

Try to deliver simple, easy and engaging content to convert your leads into sales. Describe your brand, services, and products with the help of videos. Did you know that an average of 40 minutes is spent by an individual daily to check out the online brandings.

Create Viral content 

Viral content is the way to success. If your content has the right message and follows the ongoing trend, it is sure to click with the audience. Generate content with the assistance of advanced tools to improvise and stand out amidst the competition.


YouTube marketing is affordable and really effective when compared to other platforms.


Modify your content consistently based on your audience and views. Try to generate catchy content involving the current interests that can boost your youtube stats. 


YouTube has its users round the globe making it the second most used platform. People from diverse countries watch content on YouTube, giving you an opportunity to expand your reach globally. 

Greater results 

Adapt various SEO techniques for increasing your ranking on videos which can in turn will increase your subscribers. Study about your viewers and tailor the content accordingly by implementing the feedback from viewers. 

Sharing accessibility 

Effortless sharing option of YouTube videos helps you get more exposure for the channel. Share your YouTube content on various social media platforms and Integrate your videos on your Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and other profiles for content exposure.