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Trainer Name Mr. Dinesh Reddyvari (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Next Batch Date 20th September 2023 (8:00 AM IST)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration: 1 Month
Call us at: +91 81869 44555
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+ COVID may stop you from coming out but not from growing up and moving ahead with your skills
+ The world is transcending into a digital phase where Digital Marketing has become the need of the hour
+ India is going Digital - Digital transformation is happening - Digital Marketing is the need of the hour
+ Every business uses online/Digital techniques for the growth of their company. Can you say NO to digital Marketing Now?
+ Learning Digital Marketing can help you GET A FLEXIBLE JOB
+ Digital Marketing can help you PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE
+ You MAKE MONEY ONLINE using Digital Marketing
+ This is not some random downloaded course. These are recorded sessions from your favorite trainers at Digital Brolly
+ We have trained over 1000+ students at Digital Brolly. Most of them are doing wonderful jobs or have succeeded in their business now
+ Find the Video testimonials & success proof in the below sections

Digital Marketing Video Course Details


Rs. 16000

Covid Special Offer

Only Rs: 10,000/-

Learn to master the art of digital marketing

30+ hours of Live Recorded Sessions

Best Videos handpicked from 100's of recorded sessions

Covers 30 Modules & 300 Topics - All you need to know in Digital Marketing

1 Year Email & Whatsapp Support for doubts clarifications

3 Free 1 - 1 consulting with our trainers

From our expert trainers Mr Ravi Varma & Mr Avinash Katta

Practical Demonstration with Real-time examples

Normally sold at 6000 Rs. BUT to help you during this COVID season, we are offering it at just 3000Rs.

Opportunity that you can't miss

Price will go back to 6000 and will not be given at this price after the OFFER ENDS.


Rs. 6000

Covid Special Offer

Only Rs 3000

Learn to master the art of digital marketing


Module 1: Marketing Basics

Module 2: Digital Marketing Basics Part 1

Module 3: Digital Marketing Basics Part 2

Module 4: Marketing Funnel, Landing Page Optimization and Earn Money Online (Overview)

Module 5: Domain & Hosting for Websites

Module 6: WordPress Introduction & Locolhost Installation

Module 7: Elementor Page Builder Usage

Module 8: Menus, Posts & Categories Creation

Module 9: WordPress Theme Import

Module 10: Payment gateway Integration

Module 11: SEO Introduction

Module 12: Keyword Analysis

Module 13: Usage & Competitor Analysis

Module 14: SEO On Page Part 1

Module 15: SEO On Page Part 2

Module 16: SEO On Page Part 3

Module 21: SEO Off Page

Module 17: Schema Markup Code

Module 18: Site Wide Optimization

Module 19: Google Search Console

Module 20: SEO Paid Tools

Module 22: Google Ads Introduction

Module 23: Ad Extensions, Keyword Types & Account Structure

Module 24: Cost Models and Calculations & Quality Score

Module 25: Google Keyword Planner & Search Campaign

Module 26: Video Campaign, Reports & Conversion Tracking

Module 27: Google Analytics

Module 28: FB Introduction, Business Manager, Ad Accounts & Campaign Types

Module 29: FB Lead Campaign

Module 30: FB Pixel & It's Usage

Module 31: Instagram & Linkedin Marketing

Module 32: Email Marketing


Rs. 6000

Covid Special Offer

Only Rs 3000

Learn to master the art of digital marketing


A: It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a LMS. Once you enroll for the course, we shall send you confirmation email access to the course. You will receive the details using which you can watch all the modules in one go.

A: In a Live Training, you will attend the class everyday (weekdays) on a particular day and listen to the trainer live. You can interact with him directly. But in a Recorded Course you can listen to the videos at your own speed. You can listen to the videos multiple times. When you have a question you can contact the trainer and get your question clarified.

A: The course starts as soon as you enroll and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

A: After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

A: We provide 1-year free support when you enroll for this course. When you have a question, just email us at, our trainers will reply by clarifying any doubts that you may have. You can also Whatsapp us at +91 96 96 96 3446 for getting in touch with us.

A: We provide 100% job assistance, You can schedule an appointment with our trainer. We shall conduct mock interviews and also take special interview preparation sessions to help you get a job.


Shaik Abdul
Shaik Abdul
@Shaik Abdul
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I have purchased the digital marketing video course from Brolly. After completing the video course, I would like to share my experience here. I can confirm that it's 100% practical and was demonstrated to the point.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
@Ravi Kumar
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I love the way the trainer has demonstrated. I have no prior knowledge about Digital marketing but still i can understand the concepts better. Thanks to Team Brolly for this awesome video course!
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Digital marketing video courses have really helped me to get started with learning digital marketing. Pro Points: + Practice Demonstration + Teaching Style + Support after the video course purchase + Modules Covered
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I bought the video course from Digital Brolly in the recent lockdown.I would like to appreciate the management of the institute. They helped me clarify all the queries which I was facing  in topics. The trainers are very professional,I had a doubt clearing sessions with them.
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I highly recommend  this institute for people who are looking out for an option to learn while working. Video course of Digital Brolly is the solution to your problem.The videos are produced in such a way that it is easy for students to learn digital marketing.
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I have completed my video course from Digital Brolly and I was afraid of attending interviews but the after course placement of this institute has helped me attend interviews confidently and get a job in a reputed Digital Marketing agency. I’m thankful to the team of trainers who supported and guided me in learning the digital marketing course.

Why is Learning Digital Marketing Course is important in 2021 ?

Digital Marketing is flourishing and is one of the fastest growing industries in and around the world. Most of the top companies and agencies are on the lookout for talented digital marketing professionals.

Every Business needs Digital Marketing

Today, We live within the digital era where every small, medium and giant companies need digital marketing to connect with their potential customers, target the accurate Audience and build a brand online. 

Target the accurate Audience

Digital marketing strategies will enable you to succeed with the right audience of your choice on various online platforms. You can easily target your audience by age, gender, demographics, location, interests etc.

Digital Marketing is Economical

Digital Marketing strategies are  economical compared to the routine traditional marketing. Some digital marketing strategies like SEO are even free of cost with long term results and impressions. Even the ad campaigns that are a part of Digital Marketing don’t exceed the budget limit. 

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing helps entrepreneurs upgrade their business online. Every successful entrepreneur uses digital marketing for branding & techniques for leads & sales. 

Digital Marketing for Online Earning

Digital Marketing is a great opportunity to generate online income from multiple sources like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and YouTube.

Digital Marketing for Freelancers

Digital marketing offers immense flexibility for freelancers. Digital marketing provides scope for freelancing business or you can simply just get hired based on a contract basis purely based on your Digital marketing skills.  You can also start a web or local freelancing business.

Digital Marketing for Content Writers

Content writers can learn digital marketing to strengthen their skills and profile. Content marketing strategists, content writers, content editors have immense scope with endless possibilities. 

Digital Marketing for Business Owners

Small Owners can leverage the facility of digital marketing to grow business online. Digital marketing helps in increasing profits at lower advertising costs.

Covid Impact on business

As we are face a very crucial situation due to Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) every business is trying to take all the activity online which is a major opportunity for the digital marketing industry.To expand brand awareness and increase profit margin business owners will opt for digital strategies to focus on target audience.

Covid Impact on Jobs 

As we have faced a very critical and deadly situation caused by the outbreak of a pandemic Coronavirus (Covid 19), every business was hit  leaving business owners helpless. It is only during this phase that everybody switched to online means of marketing, which inturn has opened several opportunities for digital marketers to expand their career by fulfilling their duties to increase brand awareness and profit margin for business owners. Digital marketing strategies can be opted to help focus on the target audience as well. 

Covid Impact on Jobs – 

According to ILO (International Labor Organization), 81 million jobs have been lost. The share of workers living in countries with COVID-19 based restrictions has remained high.  Within countries, more geographically targeted and sector-specific measures have gradually become the norm over the course of the pandemic, and these were still affecting 77 percent of workers at the start of the year (close to the peak of 85 per cent reached in late July 2020). 

Flexible working hours and remote work are playing an important role in attracting people towards the digital marketing industry.

Digital marketing for Influencers

According to sources influencer marketing in India is estimated to be around Rs 900 crores by the end of 2022. If you are an influencer looking to scale up your followers/subscribers, digital marketing can do the job for you. With marketing techniques that are highly effective and cost efficient, influencer marketing can greatly benefit from digital marketing. 


Rs. 6000

Covid Special Offer

Only Rs 3000

Learn to master the art of digital marketing

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