When u enter a query in search bar u get ur query related results(SERP) in that u can observe that they are distributed in two types i.e, paid result and organic result.

Here the organic results are generated by doing SEO.

Have you ever thought about how the paid ads are generated, that is done by AdWords,

What is Google Adwords?

It is an online tool which is used to display our business ads to the customers.

Here u can select the audience whom u want to reach or target. You can also select the targeted traffic according to age, demographics,gender, etc.

For example, we have a site of men ranging product, so here u will only target the male gender audience and of age 18-40+. As a result of this doing this, we will reach the target audience.

So u might be thinking that we to show ur ads,u can do it as follows. When a customer is doing relevant searches their u can put ur ads to attract them.

You can reach our customers through youtube, blogger or any other sites.

You can also put up ur ads on top ranked sites.

How It’s Different From Other Ads?

1. It will connect with the customers when it matters.

It will connect to the people at the correct place, correct time.Use proper keywords, location, demographics to target your campaign.

2. Control ur cost

You will have complete control over our budget.
You can select ur budgets ap per day, per ad, per month.
There is nothing like minimum.

3. Improve performance

It is a tracking tool in which you can actual sales generating on your sites. The number of people seeing your, ad, clicking, and coming to your site.

You can put your advertisements to connect with the customers by advertising your ads in the

1. Search results

2. Partner websites

3. Mobile apps

Google network is basically of two types they are:

1. Search network

2. Display network

Search Network

These are the advertisement shown on the search results.

Display Network

These are the third party sites, youtube, bloggers and another top ranked sites.

Different Types Of Ads:

1. Text Ads

2. Ads with extension

3. Responsive Ads

4. Shopping Ads

Image Ads

Video Ads

App promotion ads

Call-only ads

Rich media ads

Text Ads

It is a form of marketing communication where the advertisers use it to promote their business or products in google network./p>

Ads With Extension

Ads with extension is an additional feature in which we can add our phone number, business address, etc.

Responsive Ads

It is an ad which adjusts its size, appearance, and format accordingly.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads gives information about the images, product, and price. So, the viewers get strong information about what you’re selling.

Image Ads

Image ads can capture the people’s attention towards you’re adding.

Video Ads

A video ad is that which runs inside another streaming video.

Ex: youtube

App Promotion Ads

These ads can send the customer’s to direct download your app through a backlink on the web site.

Call Only Ads

Call only ads allows your customers to contact directly to you by clicking on the website.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads includes animation and another type of motions and engages in other ads.

Ad campaigns are of different types they are
1. Search ad campaigns
2. Display ad campaigns
3. Shopping ad campaigns
4. Search with display campaigns
5. Video ad campaigns
6. Conversion ads

The paid ads are ranked according to the quality score. Quality score is given by
1. price(CPC)
2. Ad format
3. CTR

Landing page experience
Ad relevance

Cost is evaluated by 5 cost modules
CPM(cost per 1000 impressions) these are image ads.
VCPM( viewable cost per 1000 impressions) displayed as the height
CPA (cost per acquisition) amount deducted when a purchase is done.
CPV( cost per view)

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