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Trainer Mr. Ravi Varma (Classroom), Mr. Katta Avinash (Online)
Date 13th March 2023
Timings 8:00 AM IST (Classroom), 8:00 PM IST (Online)
Location: #206, 2nd Floor, Manjeera Trinity Corporate, Besides Manjeera Cinepoils Mall, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, 500072.
Call: +91 81869 44555  or  +91 96 96 96 3446
Email: digitalbrolly@gmail.com


Why Learn Digital Marketing From Digital Brolly?

1. Multiple Real-Time Projects.
2. Live Paid Campaigns.
3. Internship till you get the JOB.
4. Gain Experience worth 1 – 2 Years in just 3 Months
5. 100% JOB Oriented Program.
6. One-One Mentor with Project Support
7. Unlimited Batches Access for 365 Days!!!
8. 3-4 Hrs lab practice everyday with mentor guidance.
9. Advanced & 360Degree Digital Marketing Training program
10. Get limited Access to 7 Lakhs worth paid tools
11. Resume Creation & Profile Marketing
12. Mock Interviews

Download Course Curriculum

    Curriculum : Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

    1. What is Marketing? – Understanding Definitions & Meaning in detail.

    2. 4 P’s of Marketing – Marketing Mix and Its importance

    3. Types of Online Business and their Objectives.

    4. Definitions of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Sales

    5. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. (STP)

    6. Real World Case Study Example.

    1. What is Digital Marketing?
    2. Types of Digital Marketing
    3. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
    4. Traditional Marketing Funnel
    5. Digital Marketing Funnel
    6. What are Impressions?
    7. Brand/Product Visibility
    8. What is CTR & How is it calculated?
    9. What is Traffic?
    10. Types of Traffic based on the source
    11. Types of traffic based on the Audience
    12. Difference between targeted traffic & non-targeted traffic
    13. What are leads?
    14. What are sales?
    15. What is Visitor Engagement?
    16. How to increase Visitor Engagement?
    17. Whats is Bounce Rate?
    18. How to decrease bounce rate?
    19. How to convert Traffic into Leads or sales

    1. Different ways to earn money online from websites.
    2. Different ways to earn money online using videos.
    3. Importance of blog in making money online.
    4. What is Google Adsense
    5. How to get your website approved for Google Adsense
    6. Determining Ad positions and earning money from Adsense.
    7. How to earn money by Making Vidoes and uploading them on Youtube Vidoes
    8. YouTube Adsense and tricks to get get your channel monetised
    9. Other monetisation methods on Youtube
    10. Earning money from Youtube even before YouTube Monetization
    11. Earning Money From Affiliate Marketing
    12. Step by Step process on how to earn money from Affiliate Networks.
    13. More ways to monetisee video content online -skill,share,Udemy &more

    1. What is a web Browser? &  types of browsers
    2. Difference between browsers and Search Engines.
    3. What is a webpage?
    4. what is a website?
    5. What do you need to create a website?
    6. What is a Domain names?
    7. What are Domain  extensions?
    8. How to choose a domain name for your website?
    9.How to buy a domain name?
    10. What is a hosting space/server?
    11. Different types of hostings
    12. Which type of hosting to buy?
    13. How to choose a best hosting provider?
    14. Buying Hosting online.

    1. What is CMS?
    2. Why WordPress?
    3. How to install wordpress on Locolhost (Your personal computer)?
    4. How to install wordpress on Server?
    5. WordPress Dashboard Breif
    6. What are Pages?
    7. What are Posts?
    8. Difference between pages and posts?
    9. How to create a Page and a Post?
    10. What are categories?
    11. How to create categories?
    12. How to create different types of menus in WordPress?
    13. Different types of Widgets and their usage
    14. What is a Theme and Its Importance
    15. How to install a theme and activate it?
    16. How to choose the Right Theme for your website?
    17. What are Plugins? and their Importance
    18. How to allow / block the crawling for your website?
    19. Page Builder plugins for designing custom pages
    20. How to design a home page?
    21. How to create a blog?
    22. How to create Contact forms and registration forms on your website?
    23. How to create an E-commerce website for free?
    24. How to integrate a Payment Gateway (adding payment links) to your website?
    25. How to build a sales funnel on WordPress?
    26. How to optimise images on your website?
    26. How to optimise your website for loading fast?
    27. How to handle your website security?
    28. How to maintain backups for your website?
    29. List of very important plugins that are must for a website
    30. Changing URL structre for SEO purpose.
    31. Add live  chat options to your websites

    1. What is SEO?
    2. Different types of SEO
    3. What are the advantages of SEO?
    4. Disadvantages of SEO
    5. What is SERP?
    6. Understand Search Results
    7. How google works in the backend?
    8. What is Crawling?
    9. What is Indexing?
    10. Rank Math Algorithm and importance of relevancy
    11. What is Google Sandbox?
    12. Does Google Sandbox Exist?
    13. Google Algorithm updates.
    14. Special note on Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird updates.
    15. Note Latest Bret Update & Upcoming Web Vitals Update.
    16. Step by Step process on how to do SEO for a new website?

    1.What are Keywords?
    2.Different types of Keywords for SEO purpose.
    3.Differentiating keywords based in user intentions.
    4.What is search volume? and its importance.
    5.What are LSI keywords?
    6.What are intent defining keywords
    7.differnce between money making keywords and informational keywords
    8.How to get new keyword Ideas using google
    9.Tools to use for more keyword ideas/
    10.How to find search volume and tools to use?
    11.Keywords Research Process
    12. How to find profitable keywords for your business?
    13. How to analyse difficulty of keyword?
    14. How to analyse competitor keywords?
    15. Deciding on keywords to target.
    16. How to create stratagies on how to outrank your competitors?

    1. Generating content ideas
    2. Forming a content framework/blueprint
    3. Essential elements that your content should contain.
    4. How to proofread or check the conetnt for grammatical errors
    5. What is Plagarism?
    6. How to check the plagarism of the content.
    7. Best practices in conetnt writing

    1.Fundamental ON Page Factors.
    2.How to write SEO optimised title for your web Page/Post.
    3.How to write attractive and description to get more clicks.
    4.Best practices in writing page/post URLs to rank better
    5.How to optimise the different types of Headings
    6.The core content optimisation principles.
    7.How to use LSI keywords, synonyms and intent words for better rankings
    8.Structring your webpage and prioritising content for SEO
    9.How to optimise Images on the website for image rankings.
    10.Importance of image file name, Image Alt tag and its size.
    11.Optimisng content for visual search appearence
    12.Importance of questioning words & FAQs on your page/post.
    13.Importance of videos and optimising videos on the page/post.
    14.How to use SEO tools to cross check the on page factors implementation.

    1. Basics of Technical SEO
    2. Website Structure & navigation optimisation for SEO
    3. Indexability of the website.
    4. Tracking and fixing indexing errors.
    5. Importance of Internal linking in SEO
    6. Impact of Page Speed on SEO
    7. Using GT Metrix & Lighthouse for speed reports.
    8. Importance of UX Signals for SEO
    9. Core web vitals and their importance
    10. Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml creation.
    11. HTTPS & Website Security
    12. Tracking abd fixing broken links
    13. custom 404 page
    14. Importance of mobile responsiveness & mobile compatibility.
    15. Touch friendly factors to boost UX and site rankings.
    16. Other Technical Aspects to monitor

    1. What are rich snippets.
    2. Different types of rich snippets.
    3. How to optimise content for different types of featured snippets.
    4. How to create site link snippet
    5. how to create product, rating, review snippets
    6. FAQ Snippets and their benefits
    7. Importance structred data tables on webpages/posts.
    8. Other types of snippets and their optimisation techniques
    9. Creating AMP pages and their benefits

    1. What is OFF Page SEO?
    2. Difference between ON Page and OFF Page
    3. Why is OFF Page SEO important?
    4. Backlinks and their importance
    5. What are backlinks
    6. Types of backlinks
    7. Do.s & Don’ts in Link Building
    8. Importance of Anchor text in link building
    9. What is domain authority?
    10. How to check a websites domain authority?
    11. How to increase a websites domain authority?
    12. What is spam score
    13. How to check for your websites spam score
    14. Getting High quality Backlinks
    15. Email marketing for backlinks
    16. Link Building strategies
    17. Advanced techniques in Link building
    18. Unnatural links and their disadvantges
    19. Monitoring Link Profile of your website
    20. Maintaining Link health to avoid penalities
    21. Process to remove spam links using disavowing tool
    22. Establishing Brand Signals to boot rankings
    23. EAT & their value
    24. Other Key OFF Page techniques

    1. Basics of Local SEO – What, why, how
    2. The Map Pack – understanding the local seo results.
    3. Keyword Research for Local SEO
    4. Create a listing on Google My Business (GMB)
    5. Key optimisation factors in GMB
    6. Product listing, Services listing in GMB
    7. GMB website builder tool.
    9. Importance of images optimisation and posts in GMB
    10. What are NAP Citations
    11. Importance of citations in Local SEO
    12. Key local SEO Ranking factors
    13. Importance of Social Presense & check-in’s for local seo
    14. Importance of Online reputation Management for Local SEO.

    1. What is Google Search Console?
    2. Importance and uses of Google Search Console (GSC)
    3. How to integrate your website with GSC?
    4. Different types of website verificatio methods?
    5. Setting Geo-target locations.
    6. Analysing keywords, their positions and CTR’s
    7. Comparing results over time of different keywords
    8. Filtering kewyord analysis over countries, devices and more.
    9. Check for indexability
    10. How to request for page indexing
    11. How to check for snippets and errors.
    12. Fixing crawl erros.
    13. Monitor and fix mobile responsive erros.
    14. Monitoring and fixing Web load speed issues.
    15. Monitoring and fixing page not found errors.
    16. How to use GSC for more keyword oppurtunities and idea.

    1. How to earn money from SEO
    2. New website SEO step by step process
    3. SEO Optimisation check list
    4. Creating SEO Performance report
    5. SEO Interview Questions
    6. Free SEO tools list
    7. Paid SEO tool exposure
    8. SEO Ebook & Material
    9. SEO site Audits

    1.What is SEM?
    2.Difference between SEO & SEM?
    3.Inorganic Search Results
    4.Introduction to Google AdWords & PPC Advertising
    5.Setting up a Google AdWords Account
    6.Adwords Dashboard overview & Walkthrough
    7.Types of netwoks in Google Ads
    8.Different types of campaigns
    9.Types of Ads
    10.How to create a Text Ad
    11.Different types of text ad extensions.
    13.Do’s and Don’ts in text Ads
    14.Google Ads Account Structre
    15.Types of cost models in Google Ads
    16.Different types of keywords in Google Ads.
    17.How Google Ads define Ad positions
    18.Factors that influence Quality Score.
    19.How to increase your Ads Quality score.
    20.Creating High Quality Landing pages
    21.Different types of bidding stratagies
    22.How google Bidding/Auction works
    23.Key terms in Google Ads – Impressions, clicks, CTR, Avg CPC, Conversions, Conversion rate, Cost, Cost per conversion, Impression rate, Avg cpm, Avg cpv, conversion value, conversion value per cost.
    24.How to launch a search campaign
    25.Choosing Campaign objective, Campign and Ad Types.
    26.Naming a Campaign
    27.Choosing a network
    28.Choosing Target audience – Language targeting, Location Targeting, Demographics, Retargeting, interest based targeting
    29.Getting your Adbudgets right
    30.Creating Ad Groups.
    31.Creating Adcopies.
    32.Types of Display Ads
    33.Launching a display campaign
    34.Types of Video Ads
    35.Launching a video campaign
    36.Ad optimisation score and tips to improve
    37.Conversion tracking
    38.Generation Google Ads Reports

    1.Introduction to Google Analytics
    2.How Google Analytics works?
    3.How to set up Analytics Account for your website
    4.Google Analytics Dashboard
    5.Analysing Audience
    6.Analysing website traffic Sources/Channels
    7.Analysing Audience Demographics
    8.Analysing traffic Behavioural flow
    9. Analysing traffic location & Languages
    10.Goals and Conversions
    11.How to set up Goals?
    12.Types of Goals
    13.How to Integrate AdWords and Analytics account?
    15.How to set up Filters?
    16.How to generate reports in Google Analytics?

    1.What is Email Marketing?
    2.Email Marketing Basics
    2.Advantages of Email Marketing.
    3.Types of Email Marketing
    4.Do and Don’ts in Email Marketing.
    5.Email Marketing Platforms – tools.
    6.using email marketing tools for Lead Generation.
    8.Designing Newsletters.
    9.Creating mailing sequences
    10.Generating sales from Email Marketing – Product sales, Affiliate sales
    11.Avoiding spam folder – Double option.
    12.Bulk Emailing.
    13.Best practices to send bulk emails.
    14.Reports Metrics and Analysis.
    15.A/B Testing & Improving ROI.
    16.Mail blast
    17. Best tool for bulk mailing
    18.Writing subject lines for high CTR


    1.Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Marketing.
    2.SMM Vs SMO.
    3.Introduction to Facebook.
    4.Facebook account setup.
    5.Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements.
    6.Creating a post.
    7.Facebook Page for businesses.
    8.Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook.
    9.Profile Pic and Cover photo dimensions for pages.
    10.Types of Posts and Statistics.
    11.Hashtags and its advantages.
    12.Facebook Page Designing.
    13.Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes.
    14.Page management options.
    15.Facebook Events creation.
    16.Facebook Insights.
    17.Facebook Groups.
    18.Facebook  groups & types of groups
    19. Importance and advantages of running a community on Facebook


    1.Introduction to Facebook Advertisements.
    2.Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements.
    3.Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement.
    4.Targeting the Audience.
    5.Advanced Audience Targeting.
    6.Ad Formats.
    7.Conversion Tracking.
    8.Integrating Facebook Pixel with your website
    9. Retargeting on Facebook.
    10.Understanding Facebook’s ads account structure
    11. Creating landing Pages/Funnels for Ads.
    12.Important tips and tricks to create successful landing pages/funnels.
    13. Understanding campaign Structure and their objectives.
    14. Running different types of campaigns on Facebook.
    15. Different types of targeting on Facebook
    16.Age,gender,location,Behaviour,,interest and other demographics based audience targeting.
    17. Other different types of targeting
    18. Optimizing and Spending controls
    19. Ad copy creation techniques and types.
    20. Ad creative  design and types.
    21. Creating and setting up Pixel
    22. Custom conversion tracking
    23. Attributions
    24. Audience Retargeting
    25. Remarking with custom audience
    26. Remarking with Lookalike audience
    27. Creating campaign with lookalike audience
    28. Metrics & Optimizations
    29. How to handle negative comments on Facebook Ads
    30. Scaling Facebook Ads – Scaling with Audience expansion, Adset  scaling , CBO scaling , Ad account , Sniper method
    31. How to work as a Freelancer running Ads for clients


    1. Introduction to messenger marketing
    2. Tools for Messenger Marketing
    3. Messenger Bots
    4. Running Messenger Ads
    5. Building Messenger Subscribers
    6. Messenger Broadcasts
    7. Messenger Segmentation

    1.What is Instagram Marketing
    2.Why should you use Instagram for your business
    3.How to increase followers on Instagram
    4.Tips to get good Engagement on Instagram
    5.Best Instagram Marketing Tactics
    6.Instagram Hashtags
    7.Instagram Stories & their importance
    8.60seconders on Instagram – Instagram Video Ads.
    9.Instagram paid advertising
    10. IGTV and its importance

    1.Introduction to Twitter.
    2.Twitter for Brand building.
    3.Creating a Twitter profile.
    4.Fan Engagement on Twitter.
    5.Twitter HashTags.
    6.Choosing Hashtags for your business?
    7.Engaging users on Twitter.
    8.Integrating Twitter with other social media networking sites.

    1.Introduction to Linkedin.
    2.Linkedin for SEO.
    3.Benefits of LinkedIn Network.
    4.LinkedIn Profile Creation.
    5.Optimizing the profile.
    6.Skills and Endorsements.
    7.Recommendations on LinkedIn.
    8.Adding new connections.
    9.LinkedIn Posts.
    10.LinkedIn Groups.
    11.Finding Jobs on LinkedIn.
    12.Creating a business page on LinkedIn.
    13.Linkedin business page customization.
    14.LinkedIn Page Posts.
    15. Retargeting Profile views
    16. Retargeting Linkedin Marketing
    17. Leads Generation in Linkedin
    18. Types of Ads in Linkedin
    19. Different types of Ads in Linkedin
    20. Different types of campaigns and objectives
    21. Audience targeting
    22. Adformats & Placements
    23. Budget & scheduling
    24. Conversion tracking
    25. Linkedin Audience network
    26. Lookalike Audience
    27. Custom Audience


    1.Exploring content ideas
    2.Content research
    3.Tips to write good quality content
    4.Content Spinning techniques
    5.Plagiarism check for content
    6.readability check for content

    1.What is Quora?
    2.Creating a Quora profile
    3.Generating Leads from Quora
    4.Questioning in Quora
    5.Answering in Quora
    6.Being Anonymous
    7.Quora Blog
    8.Best Quora techniques for marketing your business.
    9.Running paid Ads on Quora


    1.Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
    2.How Affiliate Marketing Works?
    3.Earning Money from Affiliate Marketing.
    4.Affiliate Marketing Networks.
    5.Affiliate Marketing Niches research
    6.Affiliate Marketing execution & Tips
    7.Affiliate Marketing Tools.
    8.Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate Marketing.
    9.Live Case Studies.
    10. Amazon Affiliate Network – Physical Products – India & US
    11. Impact Affiliate Network – Digital Products & Services
    12. Admitad Affiliate Network
    13. Other Popular Affiliate Network – Click bank , JV-zoo,  Commission Junction
    14. Affiliate marketing execution &  tips
    15. Affiliate Marketing tools
    16. Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate marketing


    1.YouTube Marketing Introduction.
    2.Creating Channel on YouTube.
    3.Types of Videos.
    4.Uploading video.
    5.YouTube Video SEO.
    6.Annotations and End Cards.
    7.How to use Playlists.
    8.Understanding Copyrights and Spam.
    9.YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard.
    10.YouTube Analytics.
    11.YouTube channel Suspension, Policy Violation rules.
    12.How to create different types of videos
    13. Screen recording tools
    14. Video making tools
    15. Video editing tools
    16. How to upload videos on YouTube
    17. YouTube SEO ranking factors
    18. Keyword Research for YouTube
    19. YouTube Title , description , Tags optimization
    20. How to design attractive thumbnails
    21. End screens and  cards
    22. How to use Playlists
    23. YouTube SEO tools for Ranking
    24. Understanding Copyrights and claims
    25. Making Money from YouTube
    26. YouTube Adsense Monetization  Tricks & Tips
    27. YouTube Partner Program YPP approval
    28. YouTube comment moderation

    1. What is a brand ? 
    2.  Brand story 
    3. Brand Focus 
    4. Brand Positioning
    5. Difference between Personal brand & organizational brand 
    6. Step by step process of personal brands
    7. Branding Themes – Color Strategies 
    8. Structuring your brand 
    9. Branding on Social Media 
    10. Measuring Brand Success


    1.Best Freelancing sites.
    2.Creating a profile in Freelancing websites.
    3.Applying for works on freelancing websites.
    4.Tips for getting projects on Freelancing websites.
    5. Establishing network to get freelancing  projects
    6.Writing professional email to clients.


    1.  Basics of Entrepreneurship
    2. Finding & Testing Business idea 
    3. Entrepreneurship Foundations 
    4. Creating Buisness plan 
    5. Raising Funds for Startup 
    6. Types of companies in India 
    7. Payment Gateways  India & Foreign 


    1. What is whatsapp marketing 
    2. Advantages & Importance  whatsapp marketing 
    3. Why is Whatsapp marketing so effective 
    4. How to do Whatsapp marketing 
    5. Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools 
    6. Send messages to unsaved contacts 
    7. Writing Attractive copies for Whatsapp marketing
    8.  Best practices in Whatsapp marketing 

    1.What is SMS marketing
    2.Advantages & Importance of SMS Marketing
    3.why is sms marketing so effective
    4.How to do SMS marketing
    5.What are Bulk SMS
    6. Best practices
    7. Do’s and Don’t in SMS marketing


    1.What is E-commerce website?
    2.Difference between E-commerce website & Normal website
    3.Importance of security for E-commerce website – SSL Security
    4.E-commerce on WordPress – WooCommerce
    5.Payment gateway integration.
    6.Facebook marketplace sales.

    5.WOO Rank
    6.Keyword Tool
    8.Ubersuggest – Pro
    9. Page builders  in WordPress elements Kit & Brizzy Pro
    10. WordPress Image Optimizations – ShortPixel Pro
    11. WordPress Plugin – Rankmath Pro
    12. WordPress Backups –  WPVivid
    13. Liguix & Grammarly
    14. Keyword tool.io
    15. Frase – SEO conten research and content generation
    16. Labricka – SEO Audit tool
    17. Beac0n & Designer – Ebook creator
    18. Publer , Social Bee, Content Studio – Social Media
    19. Vid IQ & Tube Buddy – Video marketing
    20. Mailchimp & Krim mail – email marketing
    21. Keyword Planner
    22. Pably – Automations
    23. Botstar – Message marketing
    24. Microsoft clarity – user behavior
    25. Loom/Clapboard/ Bcast – Screen Recorders
    26. Vidnami/ Invideo – Video making
    27. Web signals – Online Reputation Management


    1. Notes/PPT’s / Material – Ebook 
    2. Interview Questions Pdf 
    3. Sample Resumes
    4. Free Themes and plugins.
    5. List of websites to follow for updates
    6. List of Websites for SEO Backlinks
    7. Access to Digital Brolly’s Private Facebook Group
    8. Job Openings updates
    9.  Paid Plugins and Plugins  Access 

    1.Interview Questions
    2.Resume Preparation
    3.Digital Marketing Terminology

    1.Google Adwords certification
    2.Brolly Course completion certificate
    3.Internship Certificate with brolly 
    4.1 Year work Experience certificate**
    5. Google Ads search certification
    6. Google Ads Display certification
    7. Google Ads Video certification
    8. Google Ads Measurement certification
    9. Hubspot Certifications


    About Digital Marketing Course from Digital Brolly

    • 1.2k+ students trained with 900+ placements by Digital Brolly in the last 9 months
    • Make money online while sitting at home by learning our digital marketing course in Hyderabad.
    • 15 types of certifications which include certification by google to boost your resume.
    • Learn keyword research and improve a website’s position in search results through on-page SEO.
    • Stay up to date on the latest SEO trends and google algorithm updates by enrolling in this course.
    • Learn how to increase brand awareness and loyalty while promoting new products or services.
    • Gain experience with social media analytics tools and become familiar with paid social media marketing.
    • 2 Month Internship program on Live Projects.
    • Discover how to generate passive income while working at another job
    • Get Utilize our 2-day free demo sessions before enrolling in the course.
    • Sign up to speak with a program adviser about a career change and to decide whether digital marketing is the perfect choice for you.

    Why Choose A Career in Digital Marketing ?

    Digital marketing is one of the most exciting careers out there. It gives you a chance to be creative and build your own career path. In addition, it offers great job security as more and more companies are looking for skilled digital marketers to build their brand presence online.

    Digital marketing is a great career option for those who are creative and enjoy the freedom of working from home. You can work on your own schedule, which makes it ideal for those who have other responsibilities like family or school. 

    It’s also a lucrative field with high demand and low supply, which means that you’ll be able to earn more than what most people in other careers make.

    Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

    Career opportunities in Digital Marketing can be created with a digital marketing certification course. Which you will get after completing Digital marketing course in Hyderabad. 

    It will help you understand the technologies used for digital marketing and make your career more effective.

    Digital marketing is a vast field, so after completing Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad you can work in fields like 

    An SEO specialist is responsible for making sure that a website appears in the first page of search results. It’s an important part of digital marketing because it helps your business reach more customers.

    A content marketing specialist is responsible for creating and promoting content that attracts customers. It can be an excellent way to attract new customers, especially if you have something valuable to share with them.

    A social media marketing specialist is responsible for creating content and managing your company’s social media accounts. It can be an excellent way to get more exposure, especially if you have a strong brand presence that people want to follow.

    An affiliate marketing specialist is responsible for earning money by promoting other products or services through their own website or blog.

    A PPC (Pay Per Click) manager is responsible for managing and optimizing paid search campaigns, including setting up budget and ad copy as well as measuring performance.

    A conversion rate optimization specialist is responsible for improving the performance of a website by optimizing it to increase the number of visitors that become customers.

    Certifications - Digital Marketing Course

    Digital Brolly offers a wide range of certifications for people who are interested in becoming an affiliate marketing specialist or PPC manager.

    Digital Brolly provides a number of certifications for people looking to get started in the world of online marketing. These include:

    Google AdWords Certification

    The Google AdWords certification is an in-depth look at how to set up and manage a Google AdWords account. It also covers some basic SEO and PPC concepts.

    Social Media Marketing Professional (SMP) Certification

    The SMP certification will teach you how to use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn correctly so that you can reach as many people as possible.

    Digital Marketing Training in KPHB

    Placement Opportunities in Brolly Academy

    The program is designed to give you a foundation in the basics of digital marketing, as well as practical skills and experience that are relevant to real-world scenarios.

    You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on projects, including designing and implementing an email marketing campaign, creating an Instagram ad campaign and setting up your own social media accounts.

    The Brolly Academy is the best place to learn digital marketing skills, and we’ve helped more than 2500 students get jobs at top companies.

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    Reviews - Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

    Digital marketing course

    Mohammad Saddam Hussain

    Digital marketing course in Hyderabad with Brolly is really good. Gained a good knowledge about Digital marketing. Trainer Mr. Madhan is very professional & knowledgeable in teaching. Having gone through a lot of institutes I joined here finally and I am very thankful for it. Worth the investment to learn in a cost effective manner rather than spending more money to learn the same concepts at premier institutes. Think smart & act.

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    I have gone through many institutes before enrolling in Digital Brolly. We can work on live projects, which helps to improve skills. I recommend anyone who want to pursue a career in digital marketing to Digital Brolly for Digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

    Untitled design 21

    Pushpa Kumar

    Digital Brolly has really helped me with my job search. I lost my job during this lockdown. That is when I decided to learn digital marketing. A friend of mine who is already working as a Digital Marketer told me that he did a course from Digital Brolly. So I attended Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad demo classes from Brolly. Ravi Varma sir’s classes are very good. So I joined the classes online. The teaching is good and I also worked on Live project as a part of the internship from them. After the course completed, Ramya madam helped me with the job assistance. She sent the job opening notification. They gave their reference, I attended the interview and got a job. Thank you so much for the Brolly Institute.

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    5 Stars for * Perfect teacher student ratio * Individual attention for each student * Internship and placement assistance * Great case studies discussed * I am already enjoying the benefits of this course Digital Brolly is a great place to learn the concepts of Digital Marketing. Moreover Digital Brolly offers one year access to the lab facilities which is really great. Mr. Ravi Varma is an excellent trainer who is always ready to go the extra mile to help his students. Totally Recommend Digital Brolly

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    Digital Brolly is the Best institute in Hyderabad for learning digital marketing courses from experienced trainers like Ravi Varma sir and Madhan sir. I’m glad that I joined Digital Brolly. They offer real-time projects in the training so we can get good knowledge.

    Social media Marketing course

    Sunil Varma Dandu

    Digital Brolly is undoubtedly the Best digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad. Ravi Varma Sir is an asset to the institute. He explains each and every topic very clearly. They are also offering internships with live projects along with classroom sessions. Employees are very friendly and clear all doubts. Best recommended institute in Hyderabad.

    Untitled design 24

    Venkatesh P

    Friendly environment to learn digital marketing course in Hyderabad and the classes are job oriented with training on live projects. The way trainer Ravi Sir teaches a class is nice. Digital Brolly is the best institute to learn digital marketing course in Hyderabad with affordable fees.

    Digital marketing course in Hyderabad

    Srinu Pikki

    Brolly provides the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad. They will teach job oriented topics, and they will provide you with the paid themes and plugins with free of cost. I will suggest you guys to join this institute at an affordable price.

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    I did my digital marketing course from Digital Brolly. Really very good training for digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Faculty is well experienced. Their training method are awesome. I strongly recommend Brolly, best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad.

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    After searching for many institutes in Hyderabad, I finally enrolled myself into DIGITAL BROLLY and it was a great experience learning Digital Marketing here. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a career in digital marketing to enroll yourself in DIGITAL BROLLY. The mentors are really amazing. Thank you Avinash Sir, Ravi Varma Sir & Madhan Mohan Sir for your valuable guidance.

    Untitled design 32

    Bala Balaji Panatula

    Digital Brolly is an awesome learning space for all age groups who would like to enter into Digital Marketing. Working for someone is what we do on a daily basis but learning something from Digital Brolly helps us do something for our-self to shine in this Digital World. It helped me create my own Blog, Website, YouTube channel and excel in SEO, Facebook Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Google Analytics.

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    A great training option to learn Digital Marketing, comprehensive and industry specific course. Trainer has great experience and delivers with real time examples. Support staff is great as well.
    Untitled design 29

    Nagendra Sai

    Good learning environment with live industries case studies. Thanks for making me confident in the digital marketing subject and for the encouragement given from all of you. I can tell that this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad for Digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

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    Best Digital Marketing course you can get in Hyderabad. Excellent training given by Avinash Katta Sir and Ravi Varma Sir. This is the best platform to grow your life. I got placed in a good company. No doubt this is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad. Thanks to Digital Brolly

    Untitled design 28

    Sai Ganesh

    Very positive and fun environment to learn digital marketing and English courses with practice. Actually both trainers are very good at teaching. I am attending Ravi Varma Sir’s class. Once you connect to Ravi Varma Sir’s teaching, you would not want to miss the class.

    Digital marketing training in Hyderabad review -1

    Vijayalakshmi Vijji

    Digitalbrolly is the best place to learn digital marketing training courses. Ravi Varma sir is the best faculty and I like his way of teaching with real-time examples. And he creates a very friendly environment.

    Untitled design 31

    MVR Krishna

    It’s a good learning experience with the concepts. I’m interested in your way of delivering lectures. Thank you sir for providing online classes.

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    Digital Brolly is one of the best institutes to learn digital marketing course in Hyderabad. It was a very descriptive and detailed course with all the practical examples and case studies the course was well laid out for the students seeking it. A very useful subject and highly recommended.

    Why this Course?

    • Job Oriented Training with 100% Placement Assistance.
    • Free demo
    • Free course material
    • Free Ebook
    • Course Completion Certification
    • Free Internship for selective candidates
    • Training done via analogies & case studies.
    • Google Certification Guidance.
    • Resume preparation guidance.
    • Doubts clarification session every day and after the course.
    • Sample interview questions
    • Mock interviews
    • Regular Assignment tasks
    • Real-Time Project Exposure
    • Internship Certificate if you enroll with our Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad with internship program.

    Bonus training on ways to –

    • How to create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy?
    • Make effective analyzing data from Google Analytics and evolve great insights
    • Learning automation in Marketing with a case study of email Campaigns
    • How to increase conversion rate?
    • Attracting traffics using blogging and content marketing
    • Best practices of SEO for driving organic traffic to your website
    • Tips and tricks on how to engage with the audience on Social Media
    • Support from experts on running successful campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn,Twitter,Linkedin etc
    • Create quality traffic from influencer marketing

    Who can Attend - Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

    1. Digital Marketing Career Aspirants
    2. Traditional Marketing Professionals
      • Traditional Marketing methods are slowly declining, the returns on traditional marketing methods aren’t great anymore and are leading to layoffs. Hence traditional marketers can learn dIgital marketing to incorporate modern, online methods to their ways of advertising to get better results and sales.
    3. Blogging Enthusiasts or Bloggers
      • If you are a blogger looking to master the art of Digital Marketing to improve your blogging or make it full-time, this course would be perfect for you.
    4. Small Business Owners can improve the ROI for your business.
      • Promoting your business the right way is crucial especially for small business owners and making use of digital marketing tactics can really benefit businesses by even getting them the desired ROIs.
    5. Web Developers and Content Writers
      • For content writers and web developers, Digital marketing would be another add-on skill that can help them advance themselves in their career and considering the fact that they already possess similar knowledge, they can easily learn SEO and incorporate it into their work.
    6. Job Seekers, people looking for a job in Digital marketing
      • Looking for a job? Scoring a job in Digital Marketing is comparatively easy as it offers various specializations. Attend our Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance to get a job in some of the best companies.
    7. Sales professionals can accelerate their career by learning Digital Marketing.
      • If you are someone who is already aware of making and generating sales, you can learn digital marketing to further promote your products online to get the desired leads resulting in better, productive sales.
    8. People looking to generate a secondary source of income
      • In a world where everybody is constantly on the lookout for ways to make money, affiliate marketing is slowly gaining pace with multiple sources of income. However, you will need the right guidance and training to achieve that. You can learn Affiliate Marketing as a part of our course and even gain insightful assistance to create a youtube channel to Earn Money Online.
    9. Public Relations Manager or a Brand Managers
      • Are you a PR Manager or a Brand Manager? PR Managers or Brand Managers are now known as online Reputation Managers. The concept is called Online Reputation Management. Digital Marketing would be a great way for you to upskill yourself and your techniques for better career opportunities.

    Digital Marketing Salaries in Hyderabad

    According to Glassdoor, a Digital Marketing professional in Hyderabad can earn an average salary of Rs. 3,33,740 onwards. 

    For freshers, the starting salary in Digital Marketing is approximately around Rs. 2,50,000 – 4, 00,000 Lac PA, with the higher-end salary offered to candidates from reputed Business schools in India. 

    After gaining prior experience, one can earn anywhere between Rs. 4,80,000 – 6,00,000 Lac PA or even more based on the company and firm.

    Just like in other professions, higher the work experience, the higher your salary. After all, experience is a sign of expertise and proficiency. 

    Once you become a Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Strategist, your salary will fall in the range of Rs. 10,00,000 – 15,00,000 Lac PA.

    As for the position of the Chief Marketing Officer, you’ll earn as high as Rs. 25,00,000 – 45,00,000 Lac PA or more.

    The highest salary for a digital marketer in Hyderabad is 42,159 per month and the lowest being 11,101 per month according to Glassdoor.

    Apart from experience, the salary of a Digital Marketing professional in Hyderabad also depends on other factors like company size, job profile, and training and skill set.

    However, the best thing about the digital marketing industry is that it keeps evolving and expanding with new updates and techniques.

    It”s never late to enroll free Demo of Digital marketing course in Hyderabad


    Untitled design 18

    Ravi Varma

    – Digital Marketing Trainer

    Mr.Ravi Varma is our Lead Trainer and has successfully trained more than 5000 students through various mediums. He delivers exceptional classroom training for the Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad and is particularly  known for his practical and analogical approach towards training. He is a self-made Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer with experience of working with some of the major startups in planning and strategizing business models and marketing strategies.

    He is also known for mentoring and guiding students from a job perspective to help them excel in the fields of their passion. We believe and testify him as one of the best digital marketing trainers in Hyderabad.

    Untitled design 17

    Avinash Katta

    – Digital Marketing Trainer

    Expert Digital Marketing Trainer with 12 years of Experience.

    Blogger, YouTuber, Facebook Ads Expert, and Affiliate Marketing Specialist.

    Made 30 Lacs in just 10 months using Facebook Ads & Affiliate Marketing.

    Worked with 20+ companies in building their Digital Marketing Strategy.


    Digital Marketing is the process of using online tools to attract and convert customers. It includes web-based marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more.

    Brolly Academy offers  Certificated after completing Digital marketing course in Hyderabad,  that will help you gain knowledge and skills to become an expert in this exciting field.

    The eligibility criteria to learn Digital Marketing Course is minimum graduation from any recognized university with good marks and an interest in the field of marketing.

    After the completion of Digital Marketing Certification Course, you can expect an average salary in the range of Rs. 2,50,000 to 5,00,000 per annum depending upon your specialization and experience in this field.

    Yes, we provide Digital Marketing Online Classes if you can’t attend classes directly. You just need to visit our website and register for the course and we will provide you with all of the content on your email id or phone number depending upon your preference.

    The cost of this course in Hyderabad, India can range between 10,000 rupees and 100,000 rupees per person. You can contact us directly on our official website if you have any questions about the cost.

    We do offer a Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad with an internship. The internship will be for 2 months where you will be assigned a Live Project to work on.

    It is totally your choice but we suggest you attend the digital marketing course in Hyderabad first and then choose the SEO training as it will give you an opportunity to specialize in the topic. You can also attend our SEO Training in Hyderabad as per your interest.

    Almost every business and company in and across the world inculcates digital marketing as a part of their company’s strategy and marketing plan. Right from healthcare,automotive,accounting,law,real estate etc, everybody uses and requires Digital marketing to grow their business.

    Attend our Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

    Enroll For Free Live Demo