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PTE Online Coaching

We got you covered wherever you are, we Offer PTE Online Coaching classes for candidates all over the globe. We cover all the PTE Modules and PTE Tips and tricks that will help you crack PTE exam with ease.

PTE Recorded Video Course

We also offer PTE recorded Videos courses so the user can prepare for PTE Online at your own pace. PTE video course also includes Free PTE Material & practice sessions.

Expert PTE Trainers

Our Trainers are the best at their work. Our PTE trainers are experts and will help you master all the PTE modules to secure a wonderful score which is good for your journey abroad. Contact us for a free Demo.

About Our PTE Online Coaching Course

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based English proficiency exam which can be used by test-takers for applying to a wide range of universities abroad as well as for immigration purposes. PTE results are made available within five business days from the date of the exam and are recognized as a benchmark for English language proficiency in visa applications for Australia and New Zealand. Test centers are located in fifty countries worldwide. It is especially useful for students as they allow test scores to be sent to any number of universities and institutes without any additional cost of sending them through.

The test is full proof as it uses computer-based software for scoring and analysis of papers of test takers while using state of the art technology like digital biometrics and paperless test results for a non-biased result. Finally, the test is available almost every week all year round. The test has the standard sections including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The aim of the course will be to prepare PTE Test Takers in the pattern approved by Pearson Group. It will be four weeks in duration where the modules will be taught and tested in real time PTE format for the best results.

Why join our PTE Online Coaching Course

  • The Pearson Preparation Course is available for test-takers but it is pretty expensive while we offer the preparation course at a subsidized price.
  • Our PTE Course tutors are experienced in PTE testing methods.
  • We provide you with all the important tips that will make your PTE test experience hassle free and you will clear the exam like a pro
  • In addition we offer you four weeks long classes from Monday to Thursday each week and extra doubt clearing sessions if required
  • If you have missed a class, we will find a suitable time to fit in what you have missed out on.
  • PTE tests English proficiency in real life situations, that is exactly how we would prepare you for our course
  • Our course material is at par with Pearson Approved material for the same. In addition it is free of cost and soft-copies shall also be provided for.
  • Personal training sessions for differently abled  students
  • State of the art technology to be used in interactive training program

PTE Online Coaching Course Description

The PTE Preparation course will span over four weeks where along with a grasp of the English language, the test-taking norms shall be practiced and faults corrected with the use of adequate technologies so that test-takers breeze through all the test modules on the day selected for the test.

With our line-up of professional trainers we guarantee the best test scores, so much so that the testers will be impressed with the individual performance of the test-takers who have completed our program. Classes will be held on weekdays from Monday to Thursday and all modules shall be slowly unpacked for better comprehension week to week with PTE simulation exercises and interactive sessions where test-takers are motivated to correct their peers themselves.

Thus, our aim is to provide you with value for money expertise on how to crack the PTE Test and provide you a hassle free environment with more personal attention paid to each member as we are targeting a small group only.

Learn to crack PTE

Our PTE Online Coaching Course Curriculum

The format of the training the modules is so made that it follows the actual pattern of the PTE

Speaking & Writing

  • Personal Introduction- Non timed & timed (30 Seconds)
  • Read Aloud Text on Screen (30-40 seconds of 60 word Texts)
  • Memorize sentences and saying them aloud
  • Phrase and stress identification of sentence listened to or read. (15 seconds)
  • Describing image appearing on Screen in as much details as possible (1 minute)
  • Identification of common images used in tests
  • Organizing speech and saying it out loud
  • Re-telling parts or an entire lecture from the screen
  • Précis Writing
  • Comprehension of passages and writing short answers
  • Writing Essays
  • Fast Typing practice and rigorous practice of using tools to make writing, copying etc easier


  • Multiple Choice Single answer practice- Reading texts & answering questions based on it from four or less possibilities.
  • Multiple Choice questions with multiple answer options from Reading texts
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs in correct order from a skewed text piece
  • Grammar: Fill in the blanks in texts.


  • Listening to Speech and answering questions-Multiple Choice single answer and multiple choice multiple answer
  • Word Diction
  • Highlight Important words and Fill in the Banks from the narrative listened to
  • Listening to songs
  • Listening to other batchmates speak
  • Pronunciation training

Learn to crack PTE

Who can Attend?

Anyone, especially students and professionals who wish to have professional goals about studying or working and residing abroad can apply for PTE preparation program provided that are enthusiastic about learning the intricacies of English language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will get a job after doing this course?

No, while we can provide you with guidance and support for choosing the career based on your choices and suitability.

2.How long is the course duration and fee details?

This a 4 week long course with one or one and a half hour long classes from Monday to Thursday every week and extra session hours added into the mix.

3.What is course Fee? Can I pay in Installments? What payments are available?

The actual course fee is Rs 12000, but we are running an inauguration offer and giving the course for just Rs 6000. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 6000 should be made in single installment.

4.What if I miss a class or classes?

No worries, if you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

5.Will you provide course material?

Yes, the soft copy of the course material will be shared with you.