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The world has become small these days. Be it for education, career opportunities or mere wanderlust, going abroad has become as simple as visiting the neighbouring city. IELTS is the only English language test accepted by all countries for migration purposes. A good IELTS score gives you the perfect gateway to fulfil your dream of going abroad.

We, at Brolly, are helping you to crack IELTS with our “Lingua Peritia”. Lingua Peritia is the cutting-edge tailor-made workshop specially designed to fit your needs. All the four Modules of IELTS, L-S-R-W (Learning, Speaking, Reading, Writing) will be discussed and explained in greater detail, helping you to get a complete idea of the test.

We not only give you a complete picture of the test but also give you knowledge enough to assure a good test score. The workshop will provide you with tips and tricks and scoring strategies for a 7 pointer, at least. Not just the knowledge, you also get free IELTS printed material that will come handy till you take the test and a Certification from Brolly is an addon.

And that’s not all, We will give you a consultation appointment with our expert overseas education and migration consultant absolutely free.

About Lingua Peritia

The perfect opportunity for a low-cost, time-saving crash course to your abroad-bourne dreams. Instead of travelling to coaching centres for weeks and paying lumps of money, preparing for IELTS starts here, Digital Brolly is bringing it within your reach.

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Points that we address

  • Really quick way to get complete idea on IELTS
  • At an affordable price
  • LSRW, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing all in one go
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    Lingua Peritia Webinar Schedule

    Lingua Peritia 2

    Lingua Peritia 3

    10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

    Listening Skill

    Listening is the basic building block to measure proficiency in any language. IELTS, precisely tests this ability of yours. Along with detailed guidelines, we will also provide you with practice session to help you get acquainted with the test. Scoring good becomes easy with additional tricks up your sleeve.

    11:30 AM to 01:00 PM

    Speaking Skill

    Language is meant for communication. And to assess your presence as a member of the English speech community, IELTS tests you on your speaking skills. We will guide you on how to organize your ideas, put them into words, and deliver them appropriately. Our practice session will give you a clear picture of how to communicate, analyze and discuss opinions fluently, so as to make an impact on the examiner.

    01:00 PM to 01:30 PM


    01:30 PM to 03:00 PM

    Reading Skill

    IELTS tests your reading skills in a precise fashion. We will guide you through to read a passage in detail, infer, and decipher the author’s opinions and purposes to develop an argument, assuring you a good score. Our practice session gives you a deeper insight into this test module.

    03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

    Writing Skill

    Writing is a skill; every test asks for a different way to organize your ideas and put them down on paper. With our tips and tricks, we assure you all the prerequisites for a good score on your test-day. Our full course materials and test papers will help you build your confidence to write appropriately.

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    Lingua Peritia – Key Takeaways

    A certification from Brolly

    Full material for IELTS given for free

    Walkway with IELTS scoring strategy

    Tips and Tricks to score 7+ in IELTS with smart preparation

    A Free consultation on Overseas Education and Immigration

    200 Rs discount on our 1 Month IELTS Preparation course

    About Speaker

    Anindita Choudhury

    Anindita Choudhury has a past training experience at Center for International Education Exchange (CIEE), she is a master in training not just the language but the science behind it. Her passion towards language led her towards research in Second Language Acquisition.

    Her zeal and commitment towards teaching magnetized her towards edifying students in English language. Her interactive sessions and one to one approach during classes makes her stand out from the rest of the language trainers.

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    Download IELTS Material