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Have some quick response while giving Answers to the Interview questions.

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Maintain Day-to-day update to crack interview easily.

About Interview Preparation classes online

what is an Interview?

An interview is a one on one session in a professional setting where the employers get to understand the interviewee or a person who has applied for a job firsthand. Cracking an interview successfully is the crux of being hired by the employers.  Interviews may be formal and informal given the type of work that one applies for which ranges from an internship to full-time employment. Possessing a range of skills which enhance your persona and knowledge is the difference between being hired for a job and returning disappointed from it.

Why Take our Interview Preparation classes online

  • The First thing about a job interview is the candidate’s anxiety issues, everyone who walks into an interview battles his/her confidence with their nerves. Here in our institute, we teach you tested ways of relaxing yourself before you face an interview.
  • We teach you that the first impression may be extremely important to your interviewers but what matters more is that you continue to make an impact till the last minute. We teach you how to ride over a bad first impression.
  • It is an open secret that interviews are power dynamical. We teach you how to hold your own even in the face of multiple interviewers so that you have an edge over other competitors.
  • We believe that beyond your achievements on paper, factors such as politeness, attention to detail, posture, body language and speaking skills matter a great deal. Hence we combine spoken English training with this course
  • At the same time, we also believe that what is on paper should be best highlighted to your employers. Hence we provide you assistance in developing a proper CV.
  • We guide you to the better corporations of the many that will respect your choice of career with them and help you grow as professional
  • We provide week-long hour or two hour long classes with trained professionals and free materials in both digital and hardcopy.
  • All our trainers encourage you to work on Take Home Assignments and place you in simulations of real-life interview sessions which include Personal Interview training and Group Discussions as is  the norm in most interviews
  • We make no false promises about getting course takers a job, but we do go all the way in guiding them to a fulfilling job experience based on their chosen career interests and educational backgrounds.

Interview Preparation classes online course Description

The course will consist of a month-long training and classroom teaching in which the skills to crack interviews shall be explained, demonstrated. Thereafter all participants shall be put through a series of interactive mock interview sessions in which their development will be assessed and they will be provided tips for improving themselves. In line with the demands of any job interview mental stability becomes of paramount importance. So we shall cater to the course takers by providing them tips to distress themselves during a job interview. We shall provide remedial classes in case you have missed a few and extra doubt clearing and private counseling sessions to those who ask for help.

The course is divided into four modules 1) Appearance Consulting 2) Confidence Building 3) Spoken English Training 4) Mental Focus building

Learn to crack Interviews

Interview Preparation Course Corriculum

The course is divided into four modules


  • Image building
  • Fashion consultation (From the shirt to the boot you wear for the interview)
  • Body language training
  • Health tips

Confidence Building

  • CV building techniques
  • Learning to respond on correct cues
  • Understanding Self appraisals
  • Self-esteem building blocks
  • IQ and General Knowledge classes
  • Practical exercises

Spoken English

  • Speech practice
  • Reading text practice
  • Timed and Non timed speeches
  • Pre-papered and Non-prepared speaking
  • Spelling correction
  • Pronunciation correction
  • Sentence stresses and pauses correction
  • Reading novels
  • Listening to audiovisual recordings and saying them out loud
  • Interactive practice by all test-takers

Mental Focus Training

  • Releasing Anxiety
  • Music therapy
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Focus building approaches
  • Interactive exercises


  • Sampling interview questions
  • Writing up your CV exercise
  • Group Discussion training-Taking cues, speak when spoken to, taking the lead, following up with interesting content, summary.
  • Understanding Humility and Self Esteem as co-terminus and not as opposing characters
  • Continuous skill development assessment

Learn to crack Interviews

Who can Attend?

Anyone, especially freshers and professionals who are looking for jobs or want to shift jobs respectively. All those who think that they can multiply their ability of cracking an interview may join the course if they believe what they have read above is necessary for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will get a job after doing this course?

No, while we can provide you with guidance and support for choosing the career based on your choices and suitability.

2. How long is the course duration and fee details?

This a 45 days course, it is a weekday course running from Monday to Friday. The class duration each day will be between 1hr – 1:30Hr depending upon the topic for the day.

3. What is course Fee? Can I pay in Installments? What payments are available?

The actual course fee is Rs 1500, but we are running an inauguration offer and giving the course for just Rs 900. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 900 should be made in a single instalment. For now, we only accept cash payments. We will be opening up online payments, Payment by Credit Card, Debit card, Paytm in the near future.

4. What if I miss a class or classes?

No worries, If you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

5. Will you provide course material?

Yes, The soft copy of the course material will be shared with you through Google Drive.