Doubleclick for Publishers Training

1 Month Job Oriented Training 50% OFF Online Training Rs. 18000/-

Jobs in MNC’s

Most of the MNCs & established companies use DFP (doubleclick for publishers) so learn doubleclick for publishers to better your chances of getting hired. 

Real Time Campaigns

We demonstrate live campaigns that we run on Doubleclick in real time for a personalized experience. 

DFP Certification Support

We will provide guidance and assistance in helping you clear your DFP certification exam in our double-click for publishers training course in Hyderabad.

  1. Introduction to DFP – 4hr
  • What is DFP
  • DFP UI tour and a brief discussion on the functionality
  1. SB and Premium publishers – 1hr
  • Difference between small business and premium
  • Additional supported features by Google for premium publishers 
  1. Inventory – 3hr
  • What is inventory in terms of ad serving 
  • How to manage inventory in DFP
  • What is an ad unit, suggested ad unit, placements, and key-values
  • Targeting presets and Network settings
  1. DFP Ad Serving basics – 4hr
  • How DFP ads are served on the page
  • What is third-party ad serving
  • How DFP tracks impressions and clicks
  1. Delivery – 2hr
  • Introduction to the delivery tab of DFP UI
  • Settings and usage of different tabs of Delivery
  1. Targeting – 1hr 
  • What are different targeting parameters in DFP
  • How to use the targeting and other settings in DFP 
  1. Creatives – 2hr
  • Different types of creative allowed in DFP
  • How to add a creative
  • Different parameters of creative setting
  • Macros and how to troubleshoot macros
  1. Admin – 2 hr
  • Different parts of the Admin tab
  • How to check the network settings 
  • What are the roles, team and user and how to create them?
  • Companies and how to add a company
  • Labels and creative wrapper
  1. Reporting – 3hr
  • Parameters used in reporting 
  • How to pull a report
  • Handle discrepancy in reporting 
  1. Forecasting – 2hr
  • What is forecasting?
  • How DFP estimates the forecast data?
  • Where can we check the forecast data?
  • Different terminologies used in forecast data
  • What are forecast adjustments and its types
  1. Tagging – 3hr
  • How to generate a tag
  • Discuss all the functions and parameters used in DFP tag
  • Different types of tags
  • How to check the tag in the page
  1. Troubleshooting & tools – 3hr
  • Help center articles and publisher’s forum
  • Charles 
  • Google console
  • Google Publisher toolbar
  • Inspect element
  • How to raise a request to Google support
Doubleclick For Publishers Training

About Course

Double click for publishers serves as a free ad platform run by Google. DFP ensures every request to run an ad is getting fully filled with the most possible valued impression.

The impression could be that of a campaign or a network or an ad-exchange. DFP includes a central place that gives you the right forecasting and best optimizes your revenue.

The central place is a place which analyzes your traffic on your platforms. Comprehensive forecasting calculates your impressions that you receive on ads that you sell to advertisers. Revenue optimization scans all networks to look for the sources that give high revenue for a given impression. 

New Batches

Course Fee18000 Rs
Course Duration1 Month
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening [Flexible Hours])
Course – Training ModesOnline 
Next Batch Date27th Feb 2022 @ 11 AM


We shall help you with your job trials and support you 100%. But we don’t guarantee or give 100% job assurance. But we shall train you and equip you for the job so that you can crack the interview with ease.

This is a 1 Month training program, it is a weekday program running from Monday to Friday. The class duration each day will be between 1 hr – 1:30 hr depending upon the topic for the day.

The actual course fee for doubleclick for publishers training is Rs 25000, but we are running an offer at this moment and giving the course for just Rs 18000. To avail the offer, the fee of Rs 18000 should be made in a single instalment.

Yes, you can pay in installments. You can pay in two (2) installments of Rs 10,000 each. But if you can pay in one time you get it for 18000 Rs Only.

You can pay us by Cash, Google Pay, PayTm, Account Transfer or any Debit or Credit Card.

You can raise course cancellation requests in 3 classes upon the start of the batch, your payment will be refunded 100%. But after 3rd class of starting a batch, your amount will not be refunded.

No worries, if you had to miss a class or few classes, we shall arrange backup classes for those sessions from the same trainer to cover it up for you.

Yes, The soft copy of the course material will be shared with you through Google Drive.

You can also watch our Youtube Video from Digital Brolly Channel

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Why this Course?


The doubleclick for publishers training in Hyderabad comes with a thorough explanation of Google’s double click for the publishers. This doubleclick for publishers training course offers certification clearance support and prepares you for the Double click fundamentals exam.

We at Digital Brolly understand your personal objectives for learning the doubleclick for publishers training course and deliver training accordingly. We assist you with job placements inclusive of mock interviews, resume preparation etc. 

By the end of this doubleclick for publishers training course, you will have gained the complete knowledge and ability to gain full control over every aspect of doubleclick for publishers (DFP). This should allow you to plan, execute, optimize and properly track all your digital media campaigns.

But in order to achieve that, you must have a complete understanding of Digital marketing course before getting into Double click for Publishers training.

Let us help you to build your career on Double Click

Who can Attend this Digital Marketing Course?

  1. Digital Marketers
  2. Google Adwords professionals
  3. Job seekers
  4. PPC Executives
  5. Business owners
  6. Digital Marketing Agencies
  7. Freelancers
  8. DFP enthusiasts.

Why Doubleclick for Publishers is a better option for Online Advertising

  • DoubleClick is the ultimate popular Ad management and Ad serving company on the internet.
  • Did you know that more than 90% of revenue generated by Google is from advertising products?
  • Doubleclick is used to cover a wide range of technologies from Google.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is an Ad serving program that is used to modernize Online advertising management and improve profit margin.
  • DFP consists of a complete set of tools to manage the online ads easily for a multi screen Audience.
  • It helps with advanced  Technical aspects to deliver the best service with greater understanding in training people efficiently.
  • As of now, it is creating networks globally  for Professionals allowing more career opportunities.