Definition of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Sales


Definition of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Sales

Over the last few years, Digital Marketing completely changed the way products and services are marketed with its impeccable reach of targeted customers. Native marketing needs huge investment, time and resources while Digital Marketing needs a few skilled man power to reach customers or consumers. Digital devices that are used by almost everyone these days are served as main means to target the audience. To understand the digital marketing better we should have a clear understanding of these terms: Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Advertisement, and Sales.


Definition of Branding :

Branding is the process of establishing an image for the company’s name, term or symbol in the customer’s eye.

Definition of Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion Sales Branding

Branding is the subset of marketing. Branding in other terms can be defined as the marketing process that creates an identity for name, term or symbol that differentiates our product from other products.

A branding exercise is mainly done to help customers remember the company and its products trying to establish trust and relation between the company and the customers differentiating you from your competitors.

A proper branding activity can increase the brand value and thus be making it easier to acquire new customers.

Example for Branding:

Flipkart has launched brand campaigns like “No Kidding, No Worries”, ” Shopping ka Naya Address “, “Big Billion Day” and “Singles Day”, that attracted consumers in large numbers with a tremendous brand engagement, making it one of the biggest brand in the Ecommerce industry in India.


Definition of Marketing:

Marketing can be defined as the continuous process of communicating the product or a service’s value to the targeted market in an organized manner.

Definition of Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion Sales Marketing

Marketing is the process of creating awareness for your product or services while communicating its value to the people who can actually buy it. Traditional Marketing is dominated by TV commercials, print campaigns, media announcements, Hoardings and so on, while Digital Marketing is the new age marketing associated with digital devices and the Internet. The main sources for Digital Marketing are Social Media Marketing, email marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Influencer Marketing and so on.

Example for Marketing:

Domino’s recently introduced Facebook messenger chat box which enables consumers to order pizza by just sending “Pizza” or sending an emoji of Pizza, making the sales process easy and convenient for the customer while marketing its products in the major social media platform Facebook.


Definition of Advertisement

An Advertisement is defined as an announcement or notice in a public medium promoting a product or a service. Advertising is the activity of publishing advertisements that draws customers attention towards the product or service and encourages the customer to purchase it.

Definition of Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion Sales Advertising

If a business is leveraging Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to customers then we call it as Digital advertising.

Pay Per Click (PPC)/Adwords for Google, Social Media Ads (Facebook marketing), email campaigns and Video Ads are the few most commonly used Digital Advertising methods.

Example for Advertising:

When we open a video on Youtube, we see an add startup first before the actual video opens in many cases these are the video advertisement campaigns that a company runs on Youtube.

4. Promotion:

Definition of Promotion:

We have already seen what advertising is. Advertising and promotions are thought as the same but they aren’t really the same. There is a difference between promotion and Advertisement.

Definition of Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion Sales Promotion

Advertising is a type of promotion. Promotion is a process of making a product or service known/reach to the customer.

Types of Promotions :

  • Hosting promotional events
  • Business cards
  • Well designed website
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures/Flyers

The key objective for promotions in most cases is short term push in sales.

Example for Promotion:

MCDonald’s conducts promotional activities in their outlets and distributes and free coupons that helps them increase their sales/revenues while maintaining a good revisiting customer base.


Definition of Sales:

Sales is the core objective or the end goal for all the terms we discussed above. (Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Promotions).

Definition of Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion Sales Sales

Sales can be defined as the activity of exchanging product or service for money.

All the marketing strategies, promotional activities, Branding strategies are for generating sales. Sales is more or less the final step in the business cycle. Sales is the factor that evaluates how well your strategies and plans are working in an attempt to make the prospect to buy the product.

All the terms are linked to each other and are key factors for the success of the company. A company can never fail in sales if it can develop a good product with a clear understanding of the target audience for the product and market the product right to the target audience.

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